Using Social Media to Find a Job: Mission Possible?

Using Social Media to Find a Job: Mission Possible?

Online communication – everybody knows the rules of the games. Some people are heavily dependent on social networking, instant messaging and email communication. Apart from casual interaction opportunities, social networks provide some great professional networking possibilities.

Social networking allows you to connect with virtually anyone who has a presence online, thus making it easier for you to promote your competencies and get noticed by potential employers.

Finding a Job on Facebook

Facebook is predominantly used for personal interactions, but more and more employers are utilizing the platform for preliminary screening of job candidates. Job seekers, on the other hand, use Facebook to follow corporate pages and learn more about the companies they are interested in.

If you are looking for a job, it’s important to be exceptionally wary of your online manners. Even though Facebook is indeed a personal platform, you need to set the boundaries and determine what can be shared with the entire world and what needs to remain private.

Facebook is the best way to present yourself in a good light and let potential employers see who you are beyond the cover letter and CV. Promoting your interpersonal skills, or soft skills, is equally important to being good at your job. Connecting with current and former coworkers and employers will keep you in the loop and informed about job openings. Keep in mind that maintaining a smart profile and presentable online reputation has the potential to get you a job referral.

Finding a Job on LinkedIn

2013 was dubbed the year of LinkedIn. If you don’t have an account yet, get one, because a complete and robust LinkedIn profile can get you a job. While up until five years ago LinkedIn was predominantly used by low-level employees as a CV builder and a recommendations engine, now senior management is using it to look up candidates prior to inviting professionals to a job interview.

The traditional job hunting approach has become inefficient and just sending a CV in response to a job ad is not enough. Employers are looking for ways to get a personalized impression of a candidate by reading genuine recommendations from networks.

LinkedIn is full of job ads and professional communities that you can join to get noticed. Sharing your expertise and posting about topics of interest will help you build your reputation and it can possibly score you a job offer or a project.

Tweeting for a Job

With its 140-characters limit, Twitter might seem as an awkward job hunting aid, but in reality it can be of great help to anyone who is looking for a job.

Twitter is the platform of instant information. Building an online presence will demand time and simply tweeting “I need a job” won’t get you anywhere. In order to start seeing value from your networking efforts, you must engage in a mutually beneficial social interaction.

Don’t be afraid to “talk” to strangers on Twitter. Find like-minded people and engage them in a conversation. You never know where you are going to make a professional connection that can point you to a job lead or recommend you for a job opening.

Following job streams and companies can also help you discover job opportunities before they get available on traditional job sites.

Using Google+ in Job Search

According to statistics, Google+ is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook, so it’s important for you to build a complete profile and start networking.

Google+ is easy to use and, similarly to Twitter, it’s not hard or weird to reach out to people you’ve never met and engage in a valuable conversation. Google+ encourages its members to connect, interact and network with people they don’t know in real life, which differentiates the network from Facebook.

The communities, pages and hangouts available on Google+ can help you carry out a specialized search and participate in professionally-relevant discussions. A good profile that is optimized for a job search can easily get you noticed.

Blogging Your Way to a Job

Having a blog can do wonders and shoot you straight up to your dream job.

Blogs are the perfect media to present your competences and skills, to promote your portfolio and demonstrate your professional development.

Through your blog, you have the unique chance to stand out from the competition and let the employer get a personalized glimpse on you as an individual and a professional. Consistency and the selection of the right blogging topic will help you accomplish your goal.

Employers today need someone who is influential in a particular niche, who is well-connected and respected among peers. Utilizing social media in your job search will give you a powerful tool to be ahead of the competition. Maintaining viable and professional social media presence is essential even for people who are have no current intentions of looking for a job.

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