12 of the Best, Most Easily Accessible Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

12 of the Best, Most Easily Accessible Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

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The number of millennial women who choose to be stay-at-home moms is growing. The fact that it’s now easier for women to work from home and enjoy a higher level of flexibility than ever before has contributed to that trend.

Nearly 29 percent of women stay home with their kids now – a serious increase from the 23 percent of 1999. While six percent of these women opt for the path because they don’t have a choice, the overwhelming majority claims that they’re staying at home because they want to.

More than one million millennial women will become mothers every single year. This generation is pursuing flexibility and a better work to life balance than their predecessors. Obviously, these are things worth fighting for.

If you’re expecting a child or you’re a stay-at-home mom, you may be wondering about the possibilities for earning income in that time period.

Online jobs for stay at home moms are one of the best choices.

Legit online jobs for stay at home moms do exist and they provide excellent possibilities for the generation of some cash while taking care of young kids. Here’s a list of some of the best opportunities and the reasons why these are worth a try.

Start Blogging

As far as flexible online jobs for stay at home moms go, this is one of the ultimate choices.

Starting a blog enables a number of monetization opportunities. As traffic grows, there will be options for the creation of paid publications, affiliate marketing campaigns or display advertising campaigns. All of these can result in solid income generation opportunities.

Keep in mind that if you’re just getting started with blogging, patience and a few hours of work per day will be required before you can start monetizing.

Choosing the right niche and developing a content strategy will form the backbone of online income generation efforts through blogging. The idea is best suited to the needs of women who have sufficient experience in a specialized area and who have a passion for writing.

If you don’t know how to start a blog, the following guide will take you through the essential steps.

Sell Products Online

Legit online jobs for stay at home moms come in all shapes and sizes.

Various opportunities can be used initially to generate a bit of nice side income. Eventually, the concept could develop into a full-time business idea. Selling items online is one possibility that has a massive growth potential.

One of the easiest ways to test this business concept is to sell stuff you no longer need on eBay. You will be getting rid of some of the clutter in your home and you’ll also be generating a bit of income along the way.

Fulfillment by Amazon is another opportunity worth pursuing. In that case, you sell items that are picked up by Amazon and shipped to the respective buyer. The buyer also benefits from the Amazon customer support, giving you a chance to be minimally involved in the process.

If you have a hobby like making jewelry or knitting, for example, you can sell those items, as well. Many people are looking for handcrafted accessories and arts. These items can be sold on Etsy or you may want to consider launching your own website.

Eventually, you can move on to more thorough business concepts. Dropshipping is probably one of the easiest ways to sell products without actually having to deal with the stocking, inventory and shipping of such items.

Offer Services Online

Are you a copywriter, translator, a graphic designer, legal professional or website developer? You can easily offer your know-how to clients online and monetize your experience (obviously, there are many other professions that enable online service provision but you get the picture).

Various platforms offer online jobs for stay at home moms.

Upwork is one of the biggest and most reputable platforms out there. You can also look for gigs via websites like WAHM.com – the online magazine for work at home moms. Check out the WAHM forum – many jobs are posted there.

If you’re just getting started with online jobs for stay at home moms, it may be best to avoid websites like Freelancer.com and Fiverr.

These websites attract many people who are willing to work for pennies, even when it comes to complex and highly specialized tasks. In the absence of an online portfolio and some established experience with clients, you’ll find it difficult to land a gig that’s worth doing.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is the professional that monitors and enhances a company’s presence on a specific social network.

The job will involve publishing new posts and updates, looking for useful links to share, interacting with the audience and monitoring the performance of the profile. People who have an English language or a marketing background can find real online jobs for stay at home moms in the field of social media management.

Some social media managers specialize in one platform like Facebook, others are responsible for the overall online reputation of a client.

If you don’t have any experience in this realm, there are resources you can use to learn.

Hubspot has put together a nice list of resources for beginners you can rely on to make those first steps.

When you’re done, you can start looking for online jobs for stay at home moms in the field. LinkedIn has an extensive selection of remote social media jobs. You can also look for professional opportunities on Upwork and similar professional websites (Guru and PeoplePerHour are just two examples).

Create Information Products and Sell Them Online

This is a great choice for stay-at-home moms because the amount of work you do is entirely dependent on your available time.

Information products come in many forms. You can put together ebooks, print books, courses, tutorials, podcasts or even YouTube videos. Some of these are sold, others benefit from an alternative monetization model. In the end of the day, all information products can result in steady income generation.

Ebook creation is one of the niches I have personal experience with. It is possible to earn an income this way. For the purpose, however, you’ll have to put together a portfolio of multiple books. The larger the range of products, the bigger the passive income stream.

Courses, tutorials and podcasts are also wonderful choices. Choose one or the other on the basis of your knowledge and the format you feel more comfortable with.

When it comes to selling information products, I’ve outlined some of the best marketplaces and platforms in this guide.

Medical Billing

Medical billing provides legit online jobs for stay at home moms.

Professionals in the field of medical billing deal with invoices, coding, claim reviews, insurance claim requests and payment tracking in the healthcare field. They can interact with a wide range of customers – from private physician clinics to large hospitals.

These professionals can offer services remotely. If you have an eye for detail, experience in the healthcare field or some bookkeeping knowledge, such a job may be the right choice for you.

A wide array of remote medical billing job offers is available on LinkedIn.

Business Plan Writer

The number of people considering the launch of their own business is growing. As a result, a whole range of services has been developed to address their needs.

Business plan writers are in high demand and this type of work can be done remotely/online.

A business plan writer needs to have a few specific skills. The most prominent ones include at least basic business and administrative knowledge, writing skills, strategic thinking, communication skills and effective time management.

Business plans typically feature an executive summary, a business description, market strategy, competitive analysis, operations management, financial analysis and a development plan.

This document helps business owners find their focus, develop a corporate mission and ensure the sustainability of the corporate idea in the long run.

Freelance writers are usually not qualified enough to create business plans. This is a separate niche that’s more technical and challenging. Stay-at-home moms that have entrepreneurial or business management experience can easily opt for this online job.

Nutrition Specialist or Health Coach

Anyone interested in healthy living can offer nutrition advice but to turn that into professional occupation, a stay-at-home mom will need the right credentials. The same applies to finding health coach online jobs for stay at home moms.

A nutrition specialist (nutritionist) explains the basics of nutrition, pinpoints the best foods for the needs of a client, develops specific and tailored meal plans, evaluates the long-term effects of the meal plan and introduces innovations on the basis of the latest clinical research in the field of dietology.

Health coaches offer a wider range of services.

A health coach will assess the lifestyle of their client and suggest improvements.

The approach is holistic. This means that multiple changes may be suggested – better nutrition, more exercise, the choice of the right supplements, a consultation with a medical professional, etc.

There are many health coach certification programs out there. It’s a good idea to complete this training opportunity in order to enhance your qualifications. Make sure, however, that the program you opt for is licensed.

To find online jobs for stay at home moms who specialize in nutritional advice or health coaching, it’s also a good idea to launch your own website or blog. This digital platform will give you a good chance for reputation establishment.

Image Consultant

An image consultant is a professional that suggests improvements in the appearance of their clients, helps them introduce upgrades and build their overall confidence.

Such services can easily be offered online – whether via live streaming sessions, email advice or phone conversations with clients.

Image consultants can focus on a wide range of essentials – wardrobe, communication style, personal shopping, hair and makeup styling suggestions, executive presence, image branding, motivation, manners, etc.

Image consultants need a website and a solid online presence to attract clients.

The good aspect of this job is that a degree requirement doesn’t exist. Personal image consultants may sometimes opt for a certificate. Having some experience or training under the guidance of a well-established image consultant can also be beneficial for career establishment.

Depending on the arrangement, meetings with clients may not be necessary. To work as an image consultant remotely, you’ll simply have to narrow down the range of services you’re going to be making available (for example, exclude personal shopping from the portfolio if you’re looking for online jobs for stay at home moms).

Stock Photographer

If you have an extensive image portfolio of pictures you’ve taken through the years, you can become a stock photographer while staying home with your kids.

Stock photographers sell their images to image bank clients. GettyImages is one example of a platform that has a well-established contributor program.

Every time someone buys a picture you’ve created, you will receive a commission. The larger your portfolio, the better the monetization opportunities are going to be.

Phone-Based Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping by phone is a real thing.

This is a flexible side gig that isn’t going to result in a massive income. Still, if you don’t have a lot of time to spare while taking care of the kids, being a phone-based mystery shopper will give you a good chance to earn some money.

Phone mystery shoppers assess the work of customer service reps. They can come across inconsistencies in the information provided. They can also pinpoint missed sale opportunities.

Depending on the online job chosen, phone mystery shoppers can earn five dollars per call and more.

Several platforms hire remote phone-based mystery shoppers. A few of the best opportunities include those provided by Call Center QA, Confero, ARC Call Performance Monitoring and Mystery Shopper Services.

Bonus Opportunity: Online Surveys

While these aren’t real online jobs for stay at home moms, online surveys provide additional chances for the generation of some additional income.

Online survey platforms pay their members who complete surveys.

You will earn a small amount for each survey you take. Usually, such tasks require a few minutes and while the payment isn’t massive, the dollars can add up to a nice sum.

There are multiple platforms to test out. Swagbucks and InboxDollars are two well-known websites that have a wide range of options to test out.

Can you earn by completing online surveys for money?The answer is positive. You will simply have to belong to the right demographic so that you access a sufficient number of options.

If you’re a US citizen, join Swagbucks today – you will benefit from a five-dollar startup bonus.

Those who aren’t US citizens will have a smaller number of picks but there are still legitimate platforms to test out.

Opinion World is one good platform for international survey takers. Your Surveys has options for survey takers in the UK, France, Spain and Germany.

These are just a few of the legit online jobs for work at home moms. Obviously, you can pursue many other opportunities that are matched to your skills. Some of the alternatives worth pursuing include virtual assistant, data entry specialist, transcriber, editor, telemarketer, graphic designer, website developer, customer service rep and even virtual recruiter.

In most cases, online jobs will be available via multiple platforms. Always check the terms and conditions before choosing one opportunity or the other. This is especially important for online jobs that pay you a commission. Do your research and don’t settle for the first option out there. Chances are that a better compensation plan is available out there.

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