Six Online Get Rich Quick Schemes to Stay Away from

Six Online Get Rich Quick Schemes to Stay Away from

We all want to get rich fast and without exercising any effort. Trust me, however, if an opportunity for making money online while spending quality time at the beach existed, many people would already be millionaires. Online get rich quit schemes make use of this desire and fool many individuals into revealing sensitive personal data or spending money on techniques that do nothing in terms of profit generation.

Are you just getting started in the world of online money making? If so, you may potentially become the victim of online get rich quick scams. Some techniques have been around for many years and they still get newbies fooled into believing they can become rich overnight.

To guarantee your safety and online prosperity, you will need to familiarize yourself with the most common online get rich quick schemes. Here are six of the most prominent ones.

Online Income Opportunities Requiring Down Payments

Stay away from any money-making options that requires you to make a payment before you starting earning income.

This is one of the oldest scam possibilities, yet it still works! You may be asked to make a payment to become a partner, to join a website or to be given access to a product or service range.

Some schemes will simply ask new members to pay some percentage, fee or charge. This money will be used by the individuals that came up with the scheme but everybody else down the line will simply be financing the scam without seeing any kind of benefit. This scam is known as a Ponzi scheme.

All Kinds of Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi schemes are traditional and they work in both the online and the offline realm. Online Ponzi schemes have a pyramid structure. The fraudulent investment model asks new members for an investment. There will be no products or services sold or if such are presented, they will have an inferior role in the scheme.

The new members are promised spectacular returns. This is why many people get fooled by this online get rich quick scheme and think that it works. Every year, new ponzi schemes appear in the online realm. Some of these are big enough to make it to the media headlines.

Here is an example of a very popular Ponzi scheme. Zeek Rewards was a website selling non-registered securities. Daily payouts were promised to anyone who became a Zeek Rewards investor.

Members were led to believe that the website generated revenue and they earned money this way. The older investors, however, got paid from the contribution of new investors. The amount generated by the Ponzi scheme is estimated to be 600 million dollars. The trial against Zeek Rewards founder Paul Burks is still ongoing.

Getting Paid to Surf, Click or Read Emails

Various online get rich quick schemes promise to pay individuals for performing simple tasks. These simple tasks could be visiting websites, clicking on links or reading emails. Some of the schemes are supposed to deliver spectacular profit.

As the names suggest, such programs promise payments for visiting websites or opening emails. There is a catch, however. You will also be asked to sign up for services, provide personal details and fill out detailed forms. Apart from being quite annoying, such activities could also be dangerous because you will have to give out a lot of personal information.

Adsense Money Making Schemes

Google Adsense is a wonderful possibility to generate a bit of cash from your website or your blog. If you have many visitors, the sum could actually be quite comfortable.

A number of get rich quick schemes focus on kits and tools for cheating Google’s program and making very large sums of money in fraudulent ways. Some of these programs suggest you can earn Adsense revenue by simply owning a template rather than a website. Needless to say, this template will be poorly optimized. Its traffic will be minimal, which means you will simply be earning pennies.

Popular Get Rich Quick Schemes: Turnkey Websites

This is one of the most popular online get rich quick schemes and the one that appeals to individuals lacking website development knowledge.

You will be required to purchase a pre-made website or you will have to pay for the development of an ecommerce portal. Some of these portals will even come packed with products. The promise is to get paid a percentage each time somebody buys a product. Needless to say, there is no such development and it all ends with the payment for website creation.

Online Employment Scam Varieties

Finding freelance projects online has turned into a wonderful money-making opportunity for individuals from all parts of the world. Unfortunately, scams exist in this niche. There are various get rich quick schemes that focus on online employment.

The most common scam focuses on paying for VIP work listings. People looking for a job or a project get promised access to exclusive opportunities and high-paying projects. Such exclusive lists, however, are non-existent.

Unsolicited mail featuring job offers should also be ignored. Such emails could request a lot of personal information that will be used in malicious or criminal ways. Unless a mail comes from a legitimate company representative, it should be deleted immediately. Take your time to research any possibility before getting committed to it.

Every freelancer and individual interested in online revenue generation has come across the online get rich quick schemes. Experience and a bit of critical thinking will both be needed to recognize scams. Spending some time evaluating possibilities and assessing the dangerous will be vitally important for staying on the safe side and getting to make some real money.

Finally, remember that offers seeming too good to be true could be dangerous. If you need more information about online get rich quick schemes, you will benefit from the information included in my book. How to Make Money Online: The Secrets of Starting Your Own Web-Based Business will teach you how to stay safe and how to choose solely the valid online monetization opportunities.

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