Make Money with Your Blog: Why Great Content Matters

Make Money with Your Blog: Why Great Content Matters

The idea to make money with your blog is great for every beginner in the world of online income generation. This approach has several advantages over all of the other possibilities. Some of the key benefits include:

  • There is no need to be a professional writer to get started with blogging
  • You can monetize a passion or a topic that you know a lot about
  • You don’t need to invest in getting started – free blogging platforms offer excellent conditions
  • There are various possibilities for monetizing a blog
  • If you create a network of highly successful blogs, you will be capable of starting a business this way

It all sounds great and quite tempting but what do you need to make money with your blog? The answer is simple, yet realty complex at the same time. You need high quality content and a sound strategy for the sustainable development of your blog.

Why the Quality of Content Matter So Much?

Whether you want to improve your search engine positioning or spread your blog content virally, quality is vitally important.

Search engines are putting more and more emphasis on well-written, unique and interesting texts that the audience is going to enjoy. You don’t need to work hard on keywords and you certainly don’t need to put emphasis on old-school SEO. The quality of your blog posts will help you set yourself apart and guarantee the traffic that is essential for money making.

Timeless and perfectly executed blog posts will continue attracting visitors to your blog for many years to come. In fact, the longer the content is online, the better its ranking is going to get. Once again, timeless topics are the key to creating an archive that will continue making money in the long run.

The quality of the texts is the factor that will determine your ability to build a stable and loyal audience. People will keep coming back to your blog if they know that they will discover answers to important questions, entertainment or something innovative and intriguing to read.

Characteristics of Great Blog Content

Enjoying what you are doing and the topics that you are writing about will be the first step to writing great blog posts and learning how to make money with your blog. If you love healthy cooking, for example, you can start a blog about making vegetarian or organic meals. You can accompany the texts with photo galleries or videos that will increase the interactivity of your postings and make them likelier to go viral.

Great blog content has several defining characteristics that you need to keep in mind:

  • It offers a new perspective on a relatively popular topic or
  • It offers an in-depth look in a topic that few are capable of speaking about
  • It is written without errors and it adheres to basic style requirements
  • It has a catchy title and strong opening that draw the reader into the text
  • It is properly researched and including data from authoritative sources of information
  • It lets your personal style shine through – funny, thoughtful, emotional or optimistic
  • It is accompanied by clarifying videos, multimedia and infographics

How to Make Money with Your Blog: Tips for Getting Started

Thinking about the theme of the blog and creating the content plant will be incredibly helpful. In fact, these preliminary steps are even more important than the actual writing process itself.

Choose a theme that you like a lot and that you are knowledgeable in. Do a bit of competition research to figure out whether many other bloggers are writing about the same topic. If so, you will probably need to refine and narrow down the idea. The more specialized it is, the easier you will find it to establish your market niche.

Next, you will need to think about article ideas. Writing those down and creating a blog update calendar will give you the stimulus needed to produce content on a regular basis. The topics should be interesting and presented in a unique way. Sharing your own experience, interviewing experts or approaching the issue from a highly unusual angle will create value. This is precisely what you need to do, if you are to make enough money through your blogging efforts.

A Few Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Blog Content

Since you want to make money with your blog, you will probably like to rush through the process and start earning immediately. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. Whether you want to have PPC ads on your blog, whether you want to participate in affiliate marketing networks or give visitors access to VIP features, building your blog will take time.

Don’t rush it! Dedicate a couple of months to writing and updating your blog on a regular basis. The more involved you are, the sooner your content will get indexed.

Avoid putting together stereotypical, basic or plagiarized pieces. Though these will fill your blog with content really fast, they will potentially result in search engine penalties. Getting de-indexed from the results page will make it extremely difficult for you to bring the traffic up. Steady traffic is the first and the most important rule of learning how to make money with your blog.

There is one final rule I’d like to share with you before completing this guide – have fun! If you enjoy writing the pieces, your audience will enjoy reading those. Don’t view blog creation as a job or a tedious activity. The happier and more inspired you are while creating your posts, the more involved and thankful your audience is going to be.

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