The Big Question: How do People Make Money with Blogging

The Big Question: How do People Make Money with Blogging

So many people that have a passion for writing enjoy blogging and interacting with their audience. One important question remains, however. Can this hobby be turned in an income-generating opportunity and how do the best bloggers do it?

Learning from the experience of the brightest individuals in the field is the best option for figuring out how to make money with blogging. It is possible to turn your blog into something more than a passive income generator, as long as you’re willing to put all your effort and creativity in the process.

Choose a Niche that is Profitable Enough

The first rule you have to learn if you want to make money with blogging is that you have to choose the right niche.

You can’t just write about something that you really like. You have to make sure there are enough people interested in reading about the topic. Your personal diary will be a great emotional outlet but it will do little in terms of income generation.

Think about a topic that you’re passionate about and that has revenue generation potential. Let us consider photography. A blog focusing on photography tips for beginners has a lot of potential. You can try advertising programs, affiliate marketing and even finding direct advertisers. As long as you have a solid audience, you’ll be capable of convincing companies to pay for a publication.

The same rule applies to cooking and culinary blogs or staying fit blogs. The topic should get you excited but it should also provide a range of monetization opportunities. Don’t go for something tremendously niche that will attract just a couple of loyal readers. The size of your audience will impact interactions with other companies that may be interested in a business partnership.

Treat Your Blog as a Business

Stop treating your blog as a hobby. If you want t make money with blogging, you have to treat it as a business.

What does this mean? Here are several essentials for turning this endeavor into something that brings you sufficient amounts of money:

  • You need to have long-term plans. How much money would you like to make and when?
    Are you capable of writing content at least several times per week? Don’t leave updates to chance.
    Do you know how to monetize the blog? You need to have at least several viable options that will bring the money in.
    You have to start working on traffic maximization from day one. Waiting for things to happen on their own isn’t going to cut it.
    You have to be willing to spend some money on establishing a popular blog.

Changing your mindset and the manner in which you treat your blogging projects is the only way to get the results you’re hoping for. A lucky few will get to earn money from blogging without working hard but these individuals are the exception rather than the rule.

If you continue treating your blog as a hobby, you’ll probably make a couple of cents from Adsense every now and then. That’s great if you just want some residual income. Your blog, however, has much bigger potential. Working on it will bring those figures up.

Do Competition Analysis on a Regular Basis

Your blog’s uniqueness is its biggest strength and the one feature that will enable you to make money with blogging. You need to have an incredibly good idea about what the competition is doing and whether you’re dealing with several similar web developments.

Keep your blog focused and work hard on providing the readers a unique perspective. If you see numerous competitors doing something similar, you’ll have to narrow your focus down even further.

In addition, competition analysis will give you useful ideas and a lot of inspiration:

  • You can learn from the marketing successes of competitors
    You can explore their content curation strategy
    Competition analysis will give you a good idea about how others interact with their audience
    You can get inspiration for new topics and blog posts
    You may even come up with a blogging partnership idea

Get in the habit of reading other blogs on a daily basis. The more you know about what others are doing, the more confident you’re going to feel about your own online presence.

Come Up with a Marketing Strategy

To make money with blogging, you need to have a marketing strategy. Don’t wait for people to just discover you – spend a bit of time and money on bringing the right audience to your blog.

Internet marketing is great because it happens to be both inexpensive and highly targeted. Spending just a few bucks on Facebook advertising will enable you to build a community of loyal followers. Once you establish this community, you can start relying on your fans and viral marketing.

Choose the right promotional mix. Social media marketing, pay per click campaigns and partnerships with popular blogs/websites in your field all rank among the best strategies for growing the popularity of your blog.

Your Content Plan is Your Most Powerful Weapon

The final aspect of blogging that we’ll talk about is probably the most important one. Successful bloggers have a content plan. They know that content is the biggest asset and the one that results in the highest monetization potential.

Come up with a content plan and you will start to make money with blogging. Get in the habit of putting a monthly plan together. Updating your blog at least two times per week will be great for keeping the audience interested and for maintaining your search engine ranking.

The frequency of the updates is important but the quality of your posts is even more crucial. Choose topics that few of your competitors write about. Give your audience something fresh and original. Interview industry experts, offer an alternative point of view or create a lengthy series to take an in-depth look at a topic.

Finally, remember to be patient. It takes time to build your blog, to establish your audience and to see the traffic figures that will enable monetization. Work hard, enjoy the process and don’t panic if you need some time to get there. Blogs and websites have a great monetization potential – you’ll simple have to find the right approach.

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