The Seven Best Ways to Make Money Online without a Website

The Seven Best Ways to Make Money Online without a Website

Want to make money online but you have zero experience in the realm of building and maintaining a website? Don’t worry about it! It’s possible to make money online without a website, especially if you’re passionate about certain activities or topics.

Online monetization is possible in many ways. Though having a blog or a website can be a lot of fun and give you an opportunity to earn some, you don’t have to enter the realm in order to generate some residual income or even to start your own web-based business. The following seven opportunities have all been tested and they can deliver more than satisfactory monetization.

Join a Revenue Sharing Site

You like to write, you’re just not certain about starting your own website? Revenue sharing possibilities like Hubpages are a great option for testing this money making technique. Writing for such websites will give you the chance to make money online without a website since you’ll be using their platform.

The concept is simple – websites like Hubpages give you an opportunity to post your work online. These websites host ads on your pages. Since the website is making money on the basis of your work, some of the revenue will be shared with you.

Revenue share websites are best for the individuals interested in generating a little bit of side income. Some people have become very successful with such opportunities but if you are really passionate about monetizing your writing skills, you should consider starting your website or blog.

Platforms like Hubpages are great for learning what it’s like to upload content online. Once you get used to this possibility, you can definitely sign up for a WordPress blog and start making money with it.

Sell Actual or Digital Products

If you like writing, you have another opportunity to make money online without a website – ebook creation. Write your ebook and publish it on Amazon or another major platform (Barnes & Nobles, iTunes, Google Play Store, etc). You can also sell images, videos and other digital products.

A digital product is relatively simple and quick to make. If you want to give ebook writing a try, choose a topic that you’re passionate about. Do a bit of research to figure out whether people want to read about the particular topic. A market niche that is big enough and that doesn’t have too many entries will give you a chance to start earning royalties.

Selling actual products is another great idea. Do you have some collectibles, old appliances or anything else that may have a high value? Sell it on eBay. We all have those useless items that could actually be valuable to someone else. Selling some of your belongings will generate some cash, plus it will give you the chance to de-clutter your home.

YouTube Videos

The best YouTube video uploaders have an opportunity to make money out of the clips they create.

YouTube video creation is actually one of the most profitable possibilities for anyone who want to make money online without a website. In order to apply, however, you will need to correspond to certain requirements. These include:

  • The video should contain only content created by yourself. You can’t rely on snippets or portions of other clips. Alternatively, you need the author’s permission to use a particular clip.
    The video should feature only individuals that have given you a permission to get filmed.
    The content should be appropriate for all audiences.
    You need to get a particular number of views.

More information about the qualification requirements is available on this official page.

The monetization follows the model of revenue share websites. YouTube videos host ads on a relevant topic. Money is made each time a viewer clicks on the ad. YouTube shares some of this revenue with the creators of the most successful videos. The opportunity is called YouTube Partner Program.

To be successful and make a lot on YouTube, you need to have a business plan and a consistent approach towards video creation and uploading. Relying on a video or two will never result in the amount of income that you’re hoping to achieve.

Become a Freelancer

Want to get a payment for the skills you have? Become a freelancer and start looking for projects online.

Odesk and Elance are two popular platforms that freelancers rely on to find work. These websites can be used by people having a vast range of professional skills – website developers, project managers, graphic designers, translators, writers, marketers, university professors and even legal advisors. Look at the available job offers and figure out whether the platform feature something you’d like to do.

This post contains more information about how to be a successful freelancer and achieve consistency in terms of work schedule.

Write a Tutorial or a Course

Projects like Udemy will enable you to make money without a website.

Such portals enable individuals to write tutorials or courses. You can choose any topic – a favorite science, a hobby or just an important life experience that you have. Udemy will guide you through information about how to create your course. Once it’s created, the course is uploaded and you get paid for each download.

More information about the Udemy royalties is available here.

Get Paid to do Surveys or Microtasks

Getting paid to participate in surveys isn’t going to make you rich but it can certainly generate a little bit of online income for you.

In essence, paid survey and microtask websites make a small payment for the completion of little tasks – watching a video, signing up for a newsletter or going to a certain website. You will get just cents but if you complete numerous microtasks, you can get a nice payment.

Be careful when choosing paid survey and microtasking websites. Any opportunity that appears too good to be true is probably a scam. Some of the reputable possibilities in the niche include:

  • CashCrate

Sell Your Arts and Crafts

Here’s a final possibility that you can use to make money online without a website – begin selling your arts and crafts.

Are you a painter or a jewelry maker? You can use websites like eBay to reach clients. Specialized websites like Etsy are also great for individuals that have handmade items to sell. In fact, using Etsy can easily turn in your online business, especially if you manage to establish your reputation.

Consistency and viewing the endeavor as a business will once again be important to make money. Come up with a plan and focus on promotion, in order to get more people to hear about you and the things that you do.

Need some more assistance to begin making money without a website? My book about online income generation and web entrepreneurship can help you. More information about the book and the ways to purchase is available here.

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