10 Ways to Make Money Doing Nothing Online (A Lazy Income Generation Guide)

10 Ways to Make Money Doing Nothing Online

That’s the ultimate goal for so many people, isn’t it – doing (almost) nothing and making money? Learning how to make money online by doing nothing, however, will require some effort and research. Such opportunities do exist but you have to understand one thing.

Nobody will pay you for just staying at home and munching on snacks (if somebody’s paying you for such activities, please let us know how you’ve gotten where you are right now!). There will still be a minimum effort requirement in order to get some cash.

It’s also important to understand that you can’t get massively rich this way. Getting a couple of bucks here and there can work but you will not make a sustainable income this way.

Now that we’ve dealt with the disclaimers, let’s examine the best ways to make money by doing nothing online.

Get Paid for Watching Videos

You can get paid just for watching a couple of videos on your computer or phone per day.

This is a simple arrangement that benefits both parties involved.

Companies often have promotional material that they need to expose to the right audience. Thus, you will get to paid to go through the video if you belong to the right demographic group.

To make good use of this opportunity, you have to select the right platforms that offer legitimate video watching monetization.

Inbox Dollars is one of the best platforms you can utilize for the purpose. In fact, Inbox Dollars gives you several opportunities to make money online doing nothing.

There are videos you can watch and you’ll also get paid for playing games, shopping and going through paid emails. These are all minimum effort activities that will result in a little bit of cash on a daily basis. If you feel a bit more active, you can complete the online surveys available through Inbox Dollars and make money this way.

Start watching videos for cash by joining Inbox Dollars.

Get Signup Bonuses from Websites

Some websites are so eager to acquire new members that they provide cash just for signing up.

The cool thing about these websites is that you can continue earning more money when you feel like it.

InboxPays is a paid survey website that offers a five-dollar signup bonus.

Once you create your account, you can earn additional money by clicking on promo emails, doing market surveys and playing games. InboxPays also offers a referral program and you can earn a bit of additional cash each time one of your friends joins.

Create your InboxPays account to get an instant five-dollar bonus.

Going in a different direction, Acorns provides a cool opportunity to invest your spare change and make money doing nothing online. Not only that, Acorns starts you off with a five-dollar signup bonus.

The premise of Acorns is very simple – you link your card and you purchase through the partner network. Each time you buy something, a few cents will go to your Acorns account and they’ll be managed so that they deliver an interest.

Since you get a five-dollar bonus just for signing up, you already have some money in your Acorns account that can start growing.

Start investing with Acorns and get a five-dollar bonus.

Make Money Doing Nothing Online: Monetize Your Browsing

If you’re wondering how to make money online by doing nothing, you’ve probably imagined getting paid for visiting different websites. Wouldn’t that be cool? Yes, it would and such an option exists already.

Survey Junkie Pulse rewards your internet usage.

To make money doing nothing online, you will need to join Survey Junkie and get Pulse – a Chrome extension that tracks your internet usage to share valuable information with companies doing market research.

Once you collect enough in your Survey Junkie account, you can redeem in the form of a gift card or via PayPal.

Survey Junkie Pulse is available here and it will help you make money by visiting your favorite websites.

Install Apps and Follow People on Instagram to Get Paid

Yes, there are platforms out there that will pay you to do basic thing like install a free app on your phone, follow an Instagram account or watch videos.

TimeBucks features all of the above-mentioned opportunities, allowing you to make money doing nothing online. The best aspect of TimeBucks is that the portal welcomes members from all parts of the world.

As per the TimeBucks official presentation, you can make about 10 dollars per day online via the basic offers that have to be completed. Your location and demographic profile will both be heavily determining for the types of offers you’re given access to.

TimeBucks allows you to cash out via PayPal once you accumulate enough in your account.

Join TimeBucks and begin earning easy cash in your spare time.

MyPoints offers a somewhat similar experience, plus it gives you a five-dollar signup bonus.

When you join MyPoints, you’ll be paid to play games and read emails. There are also rewards for online shopping and doing surveys.

MyPoints has been around since 1996 and it’s one of the reputable platforms that reward people for the completion of really, really, really basic tasks. You can once again cash out via PayPal or you can choose a gift card of preference.

Start making easy cash with MyPoints, join and get five dollars as a bonus.

Earn Money by Doing Some Shopping

How about you make money online doing nothing and shopping at the same time? Cashback programs allow you to accomplish the goal but you have to keep one thing in mind.

In order to make this opportunity work, you have to spend on items that you actually need. This way, your regular monthly purchases will be winning you some cash. If you splurge on needless things, you will be losing cash.

Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) is one of the most popular and extensive cashback program. You link your card, you check out the offers available through the website, you make purchases and you receive money back.

The number of offers is huge and the cashback percentage varies from one offer to another.

Currently, for example, you can get five percent back on your Amazon purchases, six percent on Macy’s purchases, four percent back on Forever 21 purchases and seven percent cashback on Lenovo purchases.

Use this link to sign up and you will receive a 10-dollar bonus after you shop from the Rakuten partner network.

Drop is an app that does more or less the same. You get rewards back each time you do some shopping from the brands that are featured in the Drop network.

Once you download Drop to your phone, you will receive in-app offers that you can either benefit from or you can skip. Each of the offers results in a specific number of points credited to the user’s Drop account.

Anyone who has a valid phone number and a card for online shopping can join Drop. That’s the best thing to do if you want to determine whether Drop is the right option to choose if you want to make money online by doing nothing.

Download Drop here and start earning rewards when you do online shopping.

Let Your Property Make You Money

Do you have a spare room that you could use to make some cash (and gain a cool roommate)?

SpareRoom is a cool website that allows you to make some cash through your property across the US.

According to the official presentation, SpareRoom has over 2.5 million real active monthly users. These people are looking for a room in numerous locations, which means you’ll get multiple inquiries for your property.

Currently, the platform features over 100,000 available rooms. It’s up to you to set the terms and conditions. You’ll be monetizing your spare room and you could also be getting some financial assistance to deal with utility bills.

Create your SpareRoom account online to start earning a bit of cash through letting a room.

Join an Affiliate Program and Advertise on Social Media

You don’t need a website to do affiliate marketing. Anyone active on social media like Facebook and Instagram can monetize their presence by doing nothing special.

Do you want to know how to make money by doing nothing online in order to ensure long-term monetization? This is the way to go.

Affiliate marketing involves sharing information about products and services with your audience. When one of your followers goes ahead to buy a product or undertake a specific task, you will earn a commission percentage or a fixed amount.

The cool thing here is that affiliate networks feature hundreds of products that may be relevant to your audience and that will be easy to advertise.

Some of the best affiliate marketing platforms you may want to join as a newbie include the following:

Keep in mind that you need a niche audience to earn. It’s also important to choose quality products. You’ll find out that many of the brands that have affiliate programs aren’t that great. If you’re not selective, you’ll soon lose the trust of your followers and you’ll end up making no money.

Sell Items You No Longer Need

To make money doing nothing online, you can effortlessly get rid of items you no longer need.

Websites like eBay allow you to get rid of just about any item in a matter of minutes. You can sell home goods and appliances, gadgets, collectables, clothes, items you’ve made, art and anything else you decide to.

If you’re looking for an even easier option, you may want to give Decluttr a try. Decluttr allows you to sell old gadget, electronics, games, CDs, DVDs and various other items.

You provide a description of your item and its condition. Based on the description, you’ll receive a Decluttr valuation and a chance to ship the item for free. Once it arrives and is checked, you’ll receive a payment if the item corresponds to the described condition.

All you need to do to make money on Decluttr through the sale of old stuff is sign up for an account.

Look for Passive Income Opportunities

If you want to make money online by doing absolutely nothing, you’re not going to like passive income generation. That’s because you’ll have to put some work in before starting to monetize.

Passive income refers to building a niche or a project that will continue yielding returns in the long run. Ebook writing is a form of passive income generation because you create the ebook just once and you sell it to multiple people over time.

The same applies to creating a blog, an online course or a YouTube channel. Once you’re done with the initial work, the project will continue delivering income in the long run. This is when you’ll start to earn money without having to do anything.

Get Paid to Use a Specific Search Engine

Anyone willing to choose a Google alternative can make money by just doing online searches.

The Microsoft Rewards program gives users points just for opting for Bing instead of Google.

Every search produces five points in your account and once you reach 500 points in a month, you will move on to the program’s second level. Level one limits you to earning 50 points per day and in level two, you can get up to 250.

The program also features occasional offers you can complete to score additional points.

Learn more about the Microsoft Rewards program here.

Is It Possible to Make Money by Doing Nothing Online?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can get paid for watching videos, playing games, browsing the web and downloading free apps.

There are many opportunities to earn a little bit of cash without having to work.

When assessing such opportunities, however, rely on logic and critical thinking. Some of the options that sound great in ads may not be all that good.

Always look for reviews and try to find out if there’s a “catch.” Don’t make payments and don’t provide a ton of personal information if you’re not confident in the quality of the opportunity you’re about to employ.

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