HubPages Review: Can You Make Money with It?

HubPages Review: Can You Make Money with It?

Is HubPages a scam? Can you make money with it? The following HubPages review will help you decide whether to include this opportunity in your online money making portfolio.

I started using HubPages about four years ago. In the very beginning, it provided a portfolio opportunity and an attractive platform for the presentation of my articles. I had a few blogs in Bulgarian and I simply needed a place to present some of my English work without having to spend a lot of time on updating and maintenance.

It was only later on that I decided to try the Hubpages money making opportunities. Though this option is not the one that will make you rich overnight, it can generate a little bit of passive income.

HubPages Review: What is It?

HubPages is a platform that enables you to publish articles about any topic. The works you upload need to be original and they need to have never been published elsewhere. All of the articles go through an approval process before appearing in your HubPages profile.

The so-called “hubs” can be about nearly everything. You can write about gardening, relationships, car maintenance, science, movies or any other topics that interest you. The specifics of the topic idea you choose and its popularity among the general audience will be determining for the overall monetization potential.

You have several possibilities to make money with HubPages. The primary ones include:

  • The HubPages earning program
  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon Program
  • Ebay Program

As a writer, you can choose a combination of any of these monetization opportunities. Since you are using the platform, you are sharing the revenue generated with HubPages. The benefit is that you get to write as much or as little as you want to. The platform is well-developed and established, which enables for better affiliate marketing opportunities.

How can You Make Money with HubPages?

It depends. The answer depends on how much money you want to make, how much effort you want to put into the process and how much understanding of search engine optimization you have.

Just like any other similar network, HubPages enables you to make money through the traffic that you generate to your articles. The more (targeted) traffic you are capable of generating, the more money you are going to make. This is why a little bit of SEO and internet marketing knowledge can help you go a long way.

There is one thing I need to make clear – HubPages is a legitimate money making opportunity!

In the very beginning, the sums will be small. Some of your articles will then start earning, others will fail engaging the audience. You don’t have to be a professional writer to use this opportunity. You need to, however, understand what people want to read and how to get these people to your articles.

I have cashed out several times but in the beginning, my HubPages career was slow. It was only after one of my articles started appearing on the first page of the Google search results for a particular popular keyword that I started making some money with it.

Tips for Monetizing HubPages Articles

The HubPages review will be incomplete without some information about the best ways to start making money through this monetization opportunity.

My first suggestion is to always do research about topics and about keywords. Take a look at other hubs. See what other writers are focusing on. The articles that have many comments and that continue generating a lively discussion for years to come are the ones you should be paying attention to.

There is a metric known as your HubScore. It is an individual score given to every publication. The formula is based on several factors:

  • Information value of the content
  • Accurate use of the English language
  • The current author score
  • Traffic that the hub generates
  • Reputation in the community
  • Number of comments and responses from readers

In this sense, the HubScore is a measure of quality. It is important, however, to understand that the score is not determining for your ability to monetize the hubs. If you are passionate about marketing and optimizing your content, you will make money even from articles that have an average HubScore.

Focus on Google Adsense and the HubPages earning program. When it comes to Amazon, you get a percentage from each sale referred through one of your articles. You need to be advertising really expensive products or you need to have hundreds of referrals to make money through this opportunity. Though it has worked fine for some, I found the Amazon program difficult to monetize and it has brought me solely pennies.

Finally, remember that the real work starts after you have published the work. Focus on marketing, social media sharing and link building. If you execute the strategy correctly, you will find yourself capable of making money with the particular hub for many years to come.

Conclusion: Is HubPages a Legitimate Way to Make Money?

The conclusion of this HubPages review is that the website is a legitimate option for making money. It requires time and hard work in order to work and there are certainly better opportunities out there. If you are passionate about a particular topic, you can build your own website. If, however, you want to write occasionally and get some passive income, HubPages will be a good possibility for you.

Want to learn more about making money online? Need information about other websites like HubPages? My book How to Make Money Online: The Secrets of Starting Your Own Web Based Business will provide a lot of useful information and guidance for beginners. The book is available for purchase through Amazon.


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6 Comments on “HubPages Review: Can You Make Money with It?”

  1. I’ve tried HubPages for quite some time but their standards are ridiculously high.

    Not a problem for me as I’m a great writer but you have to be way too careful with what type of content you’re writing,

    Personally I don’t enjoy such limitations because I love to write, and I rarely control what I’m writing about, y’know?

    It’s almost as if the keys push themselves and if they have problem with that, then I guess I’m better off printing my HQ content somewhere else.

    Blogging is the way to go, but for ourselves, not for others…

    Great review, +1

  2. I agree, thank you so much for the comment, @Wilson Pina. Creating a website or a blog and trying to monetize it is certainly the best option for people who are serious about it. Some may, however, require just a few residual income opportunities rather than a full-time online job. Hubpages can come in handy for such individuals. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Hi Violet,

    Nice blog. I’ve created a ton of hubs on Hubpages that have been around for roughly the last three years. They provide a nice little income stream every month. You’re right, as long as someone puts the time and effort into creating high quality hubs, they can do well.



  4. I have written several articles for Hubpages, all of which are very highly rated by the site’s own measures, and all of which have been featured by the site, so I know they are considered high quality content. These articles were written as long as seven years ago (2012). You would think producing good content for a website that supposedly pays you for writing would make at least a little bit of money over seven years, right?

    I have total balance in my Hubpages account of just over $40. Very conveniently for Hubpages, you have to have a minimum of $50 to cash out at all. My balance increases by approximately $0.04 a month (they have changed the rules since I started; the writers’ share of the earnings used to be higher, which is why I was able to get $40). At this rate, I still have over 20 years before I even meet the minimum balance to get any money at all.

    Because of this arbitrary minimum cash out balance, the overwhelming majority of Hubpages writers will never receive a penny for their work. Of course, Hubpages will happily earn ad revenue for themselves from your content.

    I have even written to the support center and politely asked to be able to withdraw my $40 because it would be impossible for me to ever reach $50. I figured they would care enough about their users to make an exception if asked nicely, and it was just $40. Not even $40 I was asking to get for free, it was MY $40. To my surprise, the individual I spoke to refused to budge and even became rude when I continued trying to explain how their policies would make it impossible for me to ever access my money.

    I realize now that Hubpages is basically a scheme to trick people into producing free content they can profit from. They say you’ll get paid for it, but the rate of earnings is ridiculously low, and they have that “minimum balance” in place to ensure most people won’t even be able to receive the little money they earned. The entire business model is unethical, and the internet will be a better place when they either go out of business or get shut down for legally dubious business practices.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I never heard of Hub pages before, I like writing so I might try it out . I’m also checking out Udemi, which is similar for people who whan to make full courses. Thanks again.

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