Learn How to Write an eBook: Is This a Good Money-Making Option?

Learn How to Write an eBook

Let us start with a minute for self-promotion: I just finished my first ebook and got it published a couple of weeks ago! I’m still so excited that I review my report about units sold on an hourly basis. In the beginning, it all sounded like a piece of cake but having the entire thing completed within a reasonable timeframe and sticking to some standard of quality tested my patience and my writing abilities. So, want to learn how to write an ebook? Let me share my experience and the lessons that I learned from it. Maybe it will help you focus and figure out whether the possibility is the right one for you.

Can You Make Money Selling eBooks?

The first and the most important question focuses on the monetization potential of such endeavors. Can you make money selling ebooks? After all, Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey have already been written…

eBook writing is a really simple and cost-efficient possibility. You require no initial investment other than getting a good cover for the final product. The rest depends on your skills and commitment.

Many people make a living by writing and selling ebooks. The world of digital publishing has made it quite easy for indie authors to find their niche and their audience. Big publishing houses and agents have been taken out of the equation, which enables nearly anyone to enter the niche.

The secret to making a lot of money this way is simple. You have to work on a quality product and you have to put serious effort in promoting your work. Both of these will require hard work, sweat and tears. Sooner or later, however you will begin reaping the benefits.

How to Write an eBook: Do Your Research

Write about the topic you are most passionate about. The fact that you know a lot about it does no mean everybody else shares the same level of expertise. Think about publishing a novel, a poetry compilation or a collection of short stories if you enjoy creative writing. Create detailed guides about jewelry making, business, love and relationships or anything else that you consider yourself an expert in.

Once you choose a topic, begin doing your research. The Amazon database is an excellent opportunity for getting ideas and refining the original concept. See how many authors write about the same topic. See if someone has actually written the book you are planning to create. Choosing the right niche is one of the keys to making money by selling ebooks – you have to pick something that people want to read about.

There are numerous free ebooks that you can download to get a better idea about the style of your competitors. You can also see the book preview and pay special attention to the table of contents. Finally, examine ratings and reviews – they will give you a good idea about the themes that readers are most interested in.

Write a Quality Book

This is the trickiest part – sit down and start writing. Finding the motivation and the desire to keep going will be difficult, especially if you have a full-time job. Try to dedicate at least one hour per day to ebook writing. Throw the ideas out without editing. You will go through the text later.

If you want to learn how to write an ebook, you have probably gone through the work of various self-published authors already. Let us face it – a lot of them are a joke. A book that consists of 10 pages or something that has a cover created in a text-processing program will never be taken serious by the reader. Once again, the secret keyword is quality.

Have a fully-developed concept and include unique information in your book. If necessary, do research and conduct interviews. These will build your credibility and help you establish yourself as the authority inside the particular niche.

Edit your work before publishing! Consider paying a professional to do the editing for you. There are dozens of freelance websites – use those to find a professional editor that will charge you reasonably and help you create a product that you will be proud of.

My Experience: Rewards and Challenges

You will feel tremendously inspired after you decide to write an ebook. I was truly enthusiastic about it and I got started right away. The book outline was produced in less than a day and I got to writing.

The writing itself was fun and enjoyable because I was sharing information about my professional experience from the past few years. Finding the time to sit down and do ebook writing, however, was incredibly challenging. As a full-time writer, I really didn’t feel like sitting down and writing once again in my leisure time.

I believed that the project will be completed in less than two months. I needed five. While writing the book, I was researching market opportunities and starting to build my social media presence.

The book got uploaded and the first sale happened several hours later. It was probably a friend of mine but I was still thankful and exciting. This was when all the time I spent on learning how to write an ebook finally paid off.

There is something really important I want to share with you – if you expect to start making a lot of money immediately, you should give up on ebook writing right now. I have sold some copies of my first ebook but more time will be needed for the marketing campaign to start kicking in and delivering its results.

Additionally, to be a successful author, you will have to start thinking about the second ebook immediately after you have published the first one. This is a major part of the marketing process, as well. If you are still committed to the idea, I will share some of the best ebook marketing possibilities with you in the next post.

Want to learn a bit more about how to write an ebook? My first book contains useful tips and ideas for authors, as well as for all other individuals that are interested in learning more about making money online. More information about the book is available here and it can be purchased from Amazon.

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