How to Make Money from Your Hobby Online: Is That Even Possible?

How to Make Money from Your Hobby Online: Is That Even Possible?

This blog attempts to answer many important questions, one of them being what are the ways to make money online. For many people, however, it’s not enough to just monetize. They want to earn an income from the things they love doing. I am one of these people.

Monetizing a hobby may sound too good to be true but it’s not impossible.

Are you wondering how to make money from your hobby in the online realm? Wonder no more, today I’ll give you a couple of suggestions.

I do apologize in advance since I’m probably going to leave some hobbies out. If you have a favorite activity you monetize and it’s not present in the coming list, please leave me a note in the comments below. I’ll do my best to expand the range of opportunities as much as possible.

So here we go: here’s how to make money from your hobby online.

How to Make Money from Your Hobbies Online: See if Someone’s Looking for Your Services

Do you have a particular skill or something you enjoy doing an awful lot?

Chances are that somebody out there will be willing to pay money for what you bring to the table.

Use Fiverr as a starting point for your research.

Fiverr lets people create gigs for products or services and assign a price tag to those. Check out the categories – they’re so diversified! There are people out there making money from:

  • Giving relationship advice
  • Drawing cartoons and caricatures
  • Landscaping
  • Creating wedding invitations
  • Giving career advice to others
  • Making horoscopes and offering astrology readings

These are just a few examples of paid Fiverr gigs.

What is it that you enjoy doing? What is it that you’re good at? Answer these questions and check out the Fiverr categories if you need to make money online. Chances are that someone out there will be interested in a product or service developed on the basis of your favorite hobby.

Play Online Games if You Need to Make Money Online

What are the ways to make money online while still having fun, you ask? I suggest online game playing as the number one option.

Various websites are willing to pay you some for your willingness to engage with digital entertainment options. Some of these are branded, others are created to test the preferences of a particular audience. Whatever the end goal, you can earn a few easy bucks this way.

Inbox Dollars is one of these opportunities.

Inbox Dollars isn’t just a paid survey website. It also offers money for watching videos and playing games.

The aim of Inbox Dollars is to connect advertisers with their target audience. Thus, if you fall in a specific demographic profile, you’ll have an opportunity to earn some easy, easy money.

Join Inbox Dollars for free and make some cash while playing online games.

Daily Rewards is a website that offers a similar experience.

Members get paid to take surveys, play games and complete offers. Currently, there’s a five-dollar signup bonus you can claim by registering for an account.

Get started with Daily Rewards now to earn a five-dollar bonus and make money gaming.

Make Money from Shopping

Raise your hand if you love shopping!

At this point, you’re probably scratching your head and saying there’s no way to make money shopping. You’re right, of course but here’s how shopping can actually give you back something.

In this section, we’ll talk about spending money responsibly on things that you need.

Shopping for essentials can result in some easy cashback you can invest in other things or save.

So here’s how to make money from your hobby of shopping in the online realm. Start with a reputable app like Rakuten (previously called Ebates).

Rakuten is probably one of the biggest cashback networks that has a massive range of partners. Check out the list of offers to see if the stores and brands you usually buy from are featured. Chances are that at least a few of those appear on the list.

Rakuten gives you access to cashback offers for Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Walmart, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Best Buy, Clinique, Under Armour, AT&T and so many others. Some of the offers are only available on the online realm while others also apply to in-store purchases.

Join Rakuten now and you will earn a 10-dollar gift after you complete your first purchase.

If you want another way to monetize your shopping, try Earny

Earny can be used to track your purchases. If a price reduction in an item you required is detected, you will get the difference back.

There are also special Earny offers that give you access to significantly discounted items.

The Earny service is paid but it can help you save a large amount of money in the long run. The annual plan costs 3.99 dollars per month and it gives you access to all of the perks and saving options.

Sign up for an Earny account and save money on your purchases.

Start a Blog on Your Favorite Topic

Blogging can quickly turn into a favorite hobby that you can also rely on if you need to make money online.

There are multiple ways to make money with a blog. What matters the most in the beginning, however, is the creation of quality content your audience will enjoy. Once you grow your audience and you have your loyal readers, monetization will come much easier to you.

Do a bit of research to see what people are writing about.

If you like home décor, for example, you’ll need to check out the competition and determine the specific topic of your blog on the basis of what others are doing.

Home décor is a pretty broad category and chances are that you’ll face very stiff competition if you decide to join the niche.

Hence, you may want to narrow it down further.

Let’s say you enjoy creating affordable home décor. That’s a great starting point. You can share your ideas and experiments with your audience and you can make the blog highly visual through the addition of photographs.

But wait, you can get even more specific to establish your niche.

How about affordable home décor creation from natural materials? Do you like making accessories from tree roots, leaves, sea shells and pebbles? This is the niche you should give a try to. It focuses on something you enjoy doing and it is specific enough to attract a target audience right from the start.

Launching a blog is easy and it requires minimal investment.

There are only two things you shouldn’t go without – a good domain name and a hosting plan. While free hosting does exist, it’s very limiting and it can compromise the quality of your blog.

Your blog’s domain name is the first brand establishment element. Think carefully about it and check online to see if your ideal name is available. Use GoDaddy to do your domain name research. Once you find what you’re looking for, you can buy a .com domain for as little as 4.99 dollars.

The hosting service is the one that will make your blog available online. Reputable service providers like Bluehost have great offers for beginners and bloggers.

Currently, Bluehost has a WordPress package for 3.95 dollars per month. The package includes free domain registration (for a one-year period), a free security certificate, automatic WordPress installation, 50GB of web space and 24/7 support.

So, to add it all together, the money you will need to ensure the survival of your blog for one year is 52.39 dollars. Blogging has the potential to become a business and such an investment is obviously negligible in comparison to the revenue generation potential of blogging.

Make Money from Your Social Media Profiles

How often do you check your Instagram and Facebook profiles?

If you have a well-established social media audience, you can make some money from your online activities in these platforms.

One of the easiest ways to monetize your social media profiles involves affiliate marketing.

You don’t need a website to do affiliate marketing. You can share promotional links in your Facebook or Instagram publications. When people buy products or services following your referrals, you will earn a commission percentage or a fixed amount.

The trick here is to choose products and services that your audience will find interesting. Going ahead to promote everything you put your hands on will quickly earn you the label of a spammer.

To find good affiliate programs, you may want to join websites like Flex Offers and MaxBounty. These are two of my personal favorites.

Write eBooks for Profit

Monetizing your hobby in the online realm (if you like writing) is possible through ebook creation.

In a way, this income generation option is similar to blogging.

It, however, is open to all kinds of writers. You can create how-to books on a favorite topic, fiction, poetry books, books for children or audio books and earn some cash.

I adore ebook writing and while I haven’t had a lot of time to work on a quality product, I’m planning to reestablish my efforts in the very near future.

To learn how to write ebooks for profit, you may want to check out the following publications I’ve put together in the past: how to write an ebook, is it possible to earn enough and some of the common ebook writing mistakes to avoid.

I also recommend joining a distribution service to access all possible marketplaces and maximize your reach.

The service I rely on is called Draft2Digital. They’re constantly adding new marketplaces to their catalog, they enable the creation of ebooks, print publications and audio books. Check out their terms and conditions before signing up to find out if you’re comfortable with what Draft2Digital has to offer.

Make Money with Makeup and Cosmetics

Do you love makeup?

This passion can be monetized in a couple of ways.

For a start, you can put together a beauty profile on Instagram. The Instagram beauty community is already large, which is why you should consider differentiating yourself from the crowd in some way. If you can offer something unique and create added value through your content, chances are that you’ll soon start getting contacted by beauty brands for sponsorship opportunities.

Selling cosmetics and makeup yourself is another idea worth exploring, especially if you consider yourself to be an entrepreneurial person.

Avon has long provided such opportunities.

When you become an Avon representative, you essentially set up your own makeup distribution business. Avon reps earn a 20 to 25 percent commission depending on the value of each order. Thus, making about 500 dollars per month selling Avon products is a realistic target.

Here’s a good guide on the topic that answers a few important questions about being an Avon rep.

Sell (Digital) Art Online for Money

As an artist, you can make money from your hobby by selling your creations online

There are numerous platforms you can utilize to sell both regular and digital art.

Etsy is the obvious choice but it’s not the only one. ArtPal is another large online community that facilitates the selling and buying of art. There are no membership fees and no commissions, which is why many artists get started here.

If you are really, really, really serious about selling art, you should consider creating your own website. Which brings us to our next point.

Start an eCommerce Website and Sell Products You’re Passionate about

Whether you want to sell your art and handcrafted jewelry or you’re interested in sourcing products from another manufacturer, launching your ecommerce website is the best way to go.

eCommerce is already big and it’s anticipated to become even bigger in the years to come.

Think about something you’re passionate about. Do you love pets? Work on a dropshipping pet store. Do you make holiday cards? You can sell those via your own website. Here’s one example of a pet store that a friend of mine launched. It’s brand new and it’s more of a hobby than a business at the time being. This idea, however, has the potential to grow in the future.

To start an ecommerce website, you can rely on a platform like WordPress or you can opt for a specialized opportunity like BigCommerce.

BigCommerce gives you all of the tools required to get started with your online shop. Updates are carried out without your involvement, there’s effortless integration with other platforms like Facebook and Amazon, you get an array of marketing tools and loyalty options to offer to your clients.

BigCommerce offers a 15-day free trial you can use to determine if it’s the right platform for you.

Based on personal experience, I do recommend BigCommerce because it’s user-friendly, convenient, properly optimized and you have access to an array of additional tools via the app store.

Earn Digital Streaming Revenue with Your Music

Do you know how to make money from your hobby online if you’re passionate about music? I have a couple of suggestions.

Digital streaming royalties are one example of an income stream. YouTube and Spotify provide chances for musicians to grow their audience and earn some money along the way.

This detailed review will give you a good idea about what streaming services pay.

As a musician, you should also definitely have a website. Use it to showcase your music and to facilitate gig booking.

Do You Love Fitness? Create Workout Plans or Apps

I have to more ideas when it comes to monetizing hobbies.

What are the ways to make money online if you’re a fitness enthusiast?

The first option is to create your own workout plan or to offer personal training services online.

To accomplish these goals, you will once again need a website. A strong social media presence will also be required to reach the right audience and advertise yourself.

You can share your passion for fitness and exercise with the world while also earning some cash.

Developing a fitness app is another great idea that many have already utilized effectively. Check out the app store to see the dozens of fitness products and the ways in which these are monetized.

If you have a good app idea, you can easily pay someone to develop the product for you. Freelance developers do not charge exorbitant sums and you will end up with a quality app.

Culinary Enthusiasts Have Numerous Money Making Options

My final suggestions for those who need to make money online focuses on cuisine-based income generation ideas.

Do you love food and cooking? If so, you can make money in a number of ways.

Start your own YouTube channel and share recipes there. Launch a recipe website. A recipe-based mobile phone app is an equally viable option.

Cooking enthusiasts can also create beautiful and detailed recipe books/ebooks. These can sell quite well, especially if they contain original recipes and high quality photographs.

How to Make Money from Your Hobby: Final Verdict

Learning how to make money from your hobby online is an enjoyable process.

After all, you’re doing something that you love and you’re working to make it produce an income in the future.

This is how I started my blog. It all commenced due to a passion for writing. Eventually, I started offering freelance writing services and I also experimented with ebooks. Today, I can proudly say that I quit my job many years ago and I turned my passion for writing into a business.

Making money from your hobby is possible but you need to be patient and committed. Keep on working, even if you don’t see a return in the very beginning. Sooner or later, the monetization potential of your hobby will be unleashed.

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