How to Make Extra Money Online: Five Suggestions for Beginners

How to Make Extra Money Online: Five Suggestions for Beginners

How many websites and articles have promised to teach you how to make extra money online without working hard? As soon as you go through these texts, you will discover that they contain generic information or that they promote some type of scam.

Making extra money online is possible but you will have to put some effort in the process. The following five suggestions are excellent for beginners because they require no background knowledge or experience.

Sell Items You No Longer Need

Websites like Amazon and eBay are great for beginners in the world of online monetization opportunities.

Do you own electronics, art, collectibles and other items that you no longer need? Such products can easily be sold online. An eBay auction for a collectible item can result in great profit. The sooner you give it a try, the easier it will be for you to understand the dynamics and the conditions that these websites have for sellers.

Make a few calculations in advance. Websites like Amazon and eBay are very popular but there could be significant fees. Less popular websites and local online marketplaces may give you access to better possibilities.

Use Revenue Sharing Websites

Try revenue sharing websites instead of starting your own website or blog. Such websites give you an opportunity to upload articles and to earn some money each time people explore your content.

Many popular websites use this approach. Hubspot and Bubblews are just two examples. Though you will be earning pennies, the amounts will increase over time. Doing a little bit in term of promoting your content will result in even higher extra income.

Affiliate Programs for Your Website

If you like to write, you can earn some “passive” income from a website or a blog. The quotation marks mean that the income is not going to be 100 percent passive since you will have to contribute content. This content, however, will keep on making money in the long run.

An affiliate marketing program is great for people who are just getting started with a website or blog. Such programs pay website owners each time someone clicks an add or buys a product as a result of a referral. Amazon and Google both have affiliate programs that are great for newcomers to the niche.

Become a YouTube Partner

If you like to make YouTube videos, you will get to make extra money through your hobby.

You will have to apply to become a YouTube partner. The review process take in consideration the number of videos you have, the frequency of uploads and the views that each video generates.

The website has some really strict conditions for partnership applications. All of your content should be original, you must own the copyright and you will have to continue uploading on a regular basis.

Do Online Tasks and Get Paid

Many websites pay people to do basic tasks. You do not need specialized skills and experience to join websites recruiting individuals to do online tasks.

These tasks may include doing online surveys, transcribing texts, answering questions or doing online research about a particular topic. Amazon’s is the best example of such a website.

The pay for such tasks is small – you will get a few cents or a few dollars for a more complex task. Dedicating an hour per day to such activities, however, will result in a nice sum at the end of the month.

How to Make Extra Money Online: A Few Cautions

Be careful and always read reviews before accepting one online money making opportunity or another. Numerous scammers are ready to make use of gullible beginners in the niche. Anything that appears too good to be true should be avoided.

Stay away from money making opportunities that ask you to pay a membership fee or that demand too much personal information. Instead of using your debit card to receive payments, use a portal like PayPal. Such basic steps will guarantee the security of your personal information and give you a chance to make some money online.

Learning More

Interested in learning more about how to make extra money online? This ebook contains useful suggestions and interesting ideas for the ones who are just getting started and for the ones that want to start their own web-based company.

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