A Guide to Finding the Best Freelancer Projects: Guaranteeing a Steady Stream of Clients

A Guide to Finding the Best Freelancer Projects: Guaranteeing a Steady Stream of Clients

Being a freelancer, you know that the income is unsteady. There are ‘professional’ freelancers who have managed to achieve the constant income we all crave in the start of our careers. Their experience is what helped me find the way, too.

Years after I discovered a steady stream of clients (and managed to maintain it), I am finally ready to give you a short guide to finding the freelance projects that will be there to stay; the ones that will bring steady income along!

Discover the Platforms that Give Access to Freelance Projects

When you’re still piling up those orders, projects and clients, the main thing you need is to know the zone. I’m talking about the sites that you need to keep refreshed all the time – the freelancing databases.

Most of the freelance websites that have projects for writers and copywriters are not paying well. Still, you can rely on some to get access to projects that will keep those dollars coming.

After the Scriptlance buyout, Freelancer.com has transformed from a programming and design zone to a great writing place. Freelancer, however, is a good option for beginners because of the vast and harsh competition. In addition, there are no system guarantees you’ll get paid.

Odesk.com is another site you can choose when looking for freelancer projects. Odesk has a fee that will take out from the payment for each project but the amount is relatively limited. In addition, it has a system enabling you to log time and track hourly work. The software captures a screenshot of your desktop while you’re working. The screenshot is saved into the system and the employer can see how many hours you have worked on their project and pay you per the hour after that.

Elance.com is an old freelance writing place. It is a classic platform for freelancers. Unlike in the other two, though, Elance’s prices are a bit on the low side.

Last but not least, we have the hundreds of local copywriting companies and platforms. Every country has its own online marketing websites, forums, Facebook groups and even SEO companies – send your portfolio to some of them when you have enough projects done.

Now you know the Zone and are deep into the great writing jungle. No day will be boring. Work will overflow without a doubt. What’s left is to keep the orders coming.

These are just the basics. I have reviewed many freelance writing zones. I will also keep on reviewing similar places for the common benefit of knowing what works and what not.

Do your Best and Show It

The next thing is to know yourself, to know your abilities and be ready to show prospects what you’re capable of. High quality makes clients stay. Happy clients refer freelancers to other people, bringing you new and reliable partners to work with.

Every employer wants a confident employee. It doesn’t matter if you’re bidding on an online projects board or trying to sell your article to a renowned media – confidence is the key. When you know you can rely on your abilities, the other side will also see it.

Be certain to always do your best. Some employers and clients try freelancers out. They don’t mean to hire someone on the same conditions they offer for the first task. This is why you should always put that extra effort and deliver a quality product in optimal time.

I have always given my all for all projects and it has paid off – clients are happy and return. This is one simple lesson I have learnt from reading other freelance-oriented blogs, books and listening to personal experience.

Ask for the Best

You just read the first part of creating a win-win relationship with your clients or employers, but it is not the only one. Yes, the freelancer job is a cool job, but only if you’re doing it right. Apart from being confident and doing your best every time you submit your work, you also need to ask for the best – get all the information you need and more.

When trying to find freelance work, you should be open to communication. Many clients provide ambiguous directions – interrogate and rely on follow-up questions. Making sure you understand the terms and condition of freelancer projects in advance will help you deliver the best performance each time.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter where you’ve met your client. The only thing you need to be careful of is being too much of a pest – don’t make the client feel as though he’s writing the piece himself.

Finding sufficiently reliable freelancer projects is hard; keeping clients coming back is even harder. You have set the basics, and you are now ready to do great freelancer projects.

Here is a shortlist of what you need to do to build a lasting, full-time freelance career:

  • Be persistent in your enquiries
  • Always listen to the client
  • Keep an eye out for new opportunities
  • Always ask questions and never be afraid of clarifying things with the client
  • Be certain and confident in what you deliver
  • Research, research and research
  • Be adventurous, try new styles, and always find freelance work opportunities
  • Be ready for complaints and fix your work according to the client’s wishes
  • Know that a happy client guarantees you a steady work stream
  • Be happy with what you do and it will show in your work – it always does

Every freelancer begins with the idea that finding stable freelance projects is hard. This is why every newbie and every experienced freelancer will have to rely on instincts and experience. Every interaction with a client brings new opportunities and some brand new knowledge set to the table. Don’t be afraid to experiment and learn from your mistakes.

For further details, be sure to read my reviews and other advice I have to give you – all divided neatly into topics around the site and in my first book How to Make Money Online: The Secrets of Starting Your Own Web-Based Business.

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