Freelance Article Writing Jobs: a Comprehensive Zerys Review

Freelance Article Writing Jobs: a Comprehensive Zerys Review

Freelance Article Writing Jobs: a Comprehensive Zerys Review

Anyone looking for freelance article writing jobs has come across websites like TextBroker, Zerys and Demand Media. Some writers swear that these portals are a great option for earning money, others believe that they simply exploit writers. The following freelance article writing jobs review will focus on Zerys.

I signed up for Zerys back in 2011. Since then, things have changed significantly. Though the opportunity may still seem like a good one for US writers, international freelancers have been subjected to some serious limitations that decrease their chances of landing a gig.

What is Zerys and How does It Work?

Zerys is similar to many other freelance article writing jobs portals. Writers apply for admission to the platform and specify their qualifications. Accepted writers get to access jobs on an open board, a favorite writer board and a direct order board.

This portal functional like many others – jobs are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Writers have a couple of minutes to explore the specifications of the job and decide whether they want to take it. When a writer takes a job from the open or the favorite writer job board, this assignment becomes unavailable to other freelancers.

Clients can choose whether to make an assignment public or to limit its visibility. Jobs posted on the favorite writer board are visible solely to writers handpicked by the client and direct orders are seen by a single writer only.

Writers can accept just one job from the open board at a time. Once they finish the work and submit the article to the client, the writers can go on and pick another assignment. There are no limitations in terms of accepting assignments from the direct writing board.

Zerys Payments

Just like other online writing platforms, Zerys enables its customers to specify the price that they’re willing to pay for the particular article.

The lowest possible payment is 0.7 cents per word. As most writers that have at least some experience know, such payments are ridiculous. Some Zerys clients, however, demand very specialized content and are willing to pay below one cent per word.

The good news is that Zerys occasionally has projects that are much better priced than the opportunities available in other content mills. The payments per word offered by the platform (apart from the 0.7 cents per word “opportunity”) range from 1.4 to seven cents per word. Most of the articles are submitted at prices ranging from 1.4 to 2.8 cents per word.

As a Zerys writer, I’ve come across a client willing to pay seven cents per word just once. The content was for a legal website and though it featured some terminology, the blog post wasn’t particularly difficult to write. The complexity of the text and the payment were in perfect balance and I thoroughly enjoyed the project.

Writer Ratings

Here’s where things get a little bit tricky. Freelance article writing jobs like TextBroker and Zerys usually have some kind of rating system that is used to determine the quality of freelancer work.

Each time a Zerys writer completes a project, the client gets to rate the work. The rating comes in the form of stars and can range from one to five stars. Writers that have a better rating (ranging between four and five stars) get access to better job opportunities and a bigger number of assignments.

The only problem with this system is that clients could potentially abuse it on occasions. They could give writers a low score without providing any explanation. Such a low score can easily destroy the reputation of a writer and lead to fewer revenue generation opportunities.

Zerys writers can rate clients, as well. These ratings are often used by other writers who are interested in accepting a new project. A client that has a poor rating is usually a picky one or a person that gives writers poor reviews. Thus, the system gives freelancers some opportunity to make informed choices.

International vs. US Writers

The Zerys customers can specify whether they want content to be written by freelancers living in the US or whether the assignment is going to be available to everyone.

This recent change has made it much more difficult for international freelancers to find work on the platform. In the past, everybody had access to all of the jobs (depending on competence categories that each writer specifies) but since Zerys is now trying to go global, the situation has changed.

As an international writer, I still see some assignments and I get some jobs from the clients that have put me on their favorite writer list. The change, however, has made it much more difficult to land gigs. There are days (sometimes even weeks) during which no assignments show on the open writer job board. Thus, Zerys can be a good addition to a freelancer’s income but it should never be considered the primary earning platform (especially if you’re an international writer).

A Few Additional Bits of Information

Zerys ranks among the reputable freelance article writing jobs opportunities. Payment are made two times per month via PayPal and there are no delays. There are no minimum amounts that the account has to reach before the payment is made.

Being successful on this website is all about finding a couple of reliable and serious clients. The freelancers that have come across such clients can enjoy some income stability and repeat work.

Zerys is a nice egg to add to your freelance writing basket. The open writer job board, however, can dry up every now and then. If you’re earning income from such websites, you shouldn’t rely on just one or two opportunities. The more platforms you have access to, the easier it’s going to be to find work.

Pros of Zerys

  • User-friendly platform that writers can get accustomed to quickly
  • There could be writing gigs that pay nicely (more than five cents per word)
  • Getting on a client’s favorite writer’s list or getting direct assignments can guarantee regular work
  • Payments are made two times per month
  • Payments are made via PayPal
  • There’s a very active Zerys community of writers and a forum that encourages the exchange of ideas

Cons of Zerys

  • Some clients pay ridiculous amounts and there are many jobs asking for execution at 0.7 cents per word
  • Restrictions for international writers
  • Poor client ratings will limit access to jobs

Interested in writing for Zerys? Here’s their application page that contains more information about the process.

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