6 Reasons You should Never Work on Fiverr and Similar Websites

Fiverr Review

Even websites like Forbes are giving out advise to their readers about making money online. According to the Forbes report from 2016, Fiverr is one of the options to try. While Forbes is certainly a big name, I’ll have to disagree with its authors on this one. Fiverr is one of the websites you should never work on, especially if you’re serious about making money online.

Fiverr and similar websites are in essence a chance for stingy clients to get work done almost for free. Regardless of your location, the currency you get paid in and your financial goals, offering services on Fiverr and similar websites doesn’t make any sense.

Do you need some additional reasons for giving up on such opportunities? Here are my top arguments why Fiverr should be avoided at all cost and a quick Fiverr review to get you started.

A Brief Fiverr Review: Let’s Take a Look at What Fiverr is

Before moving on to a more in-depth examination, let’s take a look at what Fiverr actually is.

Fiverr is a website where people can sell their services. There are multiple categories ranging from music and audio creation to programming and technical services. As the name indicates, every single service is offered at the modest price of five dollars.

You’ll get people to do just about anything for you on Fiverr. As a copywriter, I had to take a look at the Writing and Translation category. There are people out there willing to write an article of up to 1,000 words for five dollars. That’s less than cent for word, which many consider the absolute minimum in the field.

On Fiverr, you can also get people to do the following for you for just five dollars:

  • File a patent trademark on your behalf
  • Write a legally-binding contract
  • Register your company
  • Get a confidentiality and NDA agreement written specifically for you
  • Get a 3D floor plan created for you
  • Design a website for you (I’m not kidding, there’s a five-dollar website design offer)

You get the picture – it’s more than ridiculous. Now, to be fair, Fiverr does have services set at a higher price. The basic premise of the portal, however, is the provision of services for five dollars.

If you’re serious about making money online or building freelance career, Fiverr is one of the websites to stay away from at all costs. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s not worth your time and money.

The Worst Clients on the Face of the Planet

While Forbes seems to be one of the biggest Fiverr cheerleaders, providing many reasons why you should give the platform a try, I believe you should be aiming a bit higher.

For a start, you can’t get clients who are going to respect you or your expertise on this website. Usually, low-paying clients tend to be looking for freelancers that will offer cheap (and more or less mediocre services). Such clients don’t treat their freelancers with respect.

Such clients are typically picky and they have lots of demands for the negligible sum they’ll be spending on the service. As a result, you’ll end up having to do lots of work for a payment that’s laughable.

True, getting started on another website like Upwork takes time and effort. While there are low paying clients on Upwork, as well, it’s still possible to come across great gigs.

Instead of wasting your time on pleasing the worst clients out there, put your effort in building meaningful professional relationships.

Intense Competition

Fiverr is also notorious for the dozens of people who are competing for the attention of one and the same client.

If you’ve chosen a freelance path, this is a reality that you’ll have to deal with sooner or level. You’re competing with others on a global level. Chances are that there are many service providers out there who are better than you and who offer a more affordable service.

On Fiverr, however, you’ll be competing against a huge desperate mass that will be ready to do just about anything in hopes of getting five dollars.

Don’t believe me? Do a quick search in your area of expertise. Chances are that you’ll come across hundreds of people who are willing to go above and beyond in order to please clients. It’s simply not a place where your talent will be appreciated and if you’re just getting started, you’ll find it almost impossible to break through.

The Fiverr Commission

You don’t really think that the website works for free, do you? Fiverr takes a commission from the funds that you earn. Taking in consideration that the sum is minimal, it’s simply not worth discussing what you’ll be making in the end.

According to the information I’ve come across, Fiverr takes one dollar from every five that you make. You’ll also have to wait a certain period after the completion of the gig in order to withdraw your money. Keep in mind you’ll also be responsible for the PayPal charges when withdrawing the sum.

Working with clients directly or using another freelance platform will be a much better idea. While other platforms do have commissions, as well, you’ll at least be getting to make some more serious funds.

Once You Start Working with Sh***y Clients, it will be Difficult to Move on

A long-term freelance career is all about building your professional reputation. As much as I hate the term personal brand, it applies here.

You can’t build a personal brand by working with people who are willing to offer peanuts for your professional services. Once again – your country of origin and the economic situation there don’t really apply. Take a look at what other freelancers in the same niche are charging on the average. This should be target to measure yourself against.

If you want to be respected and you want to work on intriguing, challenging projects, you have to value your skills correctly. A freelancer that doesn’t have self-confidence and an ability to attract reputable clients will simply find the model difficult to sustain in the long run.

When you get started with people like Fiverr clients, you’ll find yourself trapped in a vicious circle. It’s much easier to start from scratch than to overcome the negative reputation you’ve already acquired.

Guilty by Association

There are lots of scammers and amateurs on Fiverr.

In essence, it’s considered a place where people can get low quality services without paying much. Even if you’re an experienced pro in the respective field, you’ll still be found guilty by association.

Fiverr typically doesn’t have a rather good reputation. Sure, you can make a test profile there to figure out what you could expect from the website. Once you get to communicate with some of the clients and you see the disastrous options offered by other “pros” in the field (just examine the five-dollar logos if you don’t believe me), you’ll see it’s not a good place to associate yourself with.

Clients are Already Speaking about Getting Ripped Off

Do a bit of online research and you’ll come across dozens of client testimonials. These are usually created by people who got ripped off on Fiverr or who worked with people that didn’t have the skills presented in their portfolio.

Many Fiverr freelancers are guilty of appropriating other people’s work when they’re capable of producing entry-level outcomes for their clients.

There have also been instances of graphic designers stealing stock logos, people who didn’t do the job and failed providing a refund and people producing mobile apps that don’t really work.

Obviously, people are looking for online information before choosing products and services. Disastrous Fiverr accounts are easy to come across. Thus, a large portion of potential clients will be discouraged from ever giving the website a try.

What’s the Alternative?

According to Fiverr creators as quoted in this interview, the website’s name was just the beginning – something catchy that would help enhance brand recognition. Today, freelancers can charge much larger sums on the platform for the provision of their services.

In my opinion, however, the damage has already been done. Fiverr has a bad reputation and it’s not easy to erase the negative review, regardless of all the rebranding efforts.

There are numerous alternatives you can pursue when attempting to build your freelance career. Putting together a professional website/portfolio and looking for clients directly is probably the best approach. True, it’s the most difficult one but it will pay off sooner or later.

You can also rely on much more reputable freelance websites than Fiverr to connect with prospects, bid on jobs and spread the word.

The way you present yourself in the online realm will have a massive impact on the money you make. You have to aim high in order to be successful. A website like Fiverr may offer easy opportunities but it will definitely curb your growth potential.

Do you need additional information about establishing your freelance career and making money online? You’ll find additional suggestions and lots of advice in my ebook. The details are available here and you can make an immediate purchase on Amazon.

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