Creative Ways to Find Freelance Work: Six Tested Approaches that Really Work

Creative Ways to Find Freelance Work

Is it easy to find freelance work? The initial motivation will produce an adrenaline rush that will make you feel sky is the limit. Once the euphoria wears off, however, you will find it a bit more challenging to get started.

Most freelancers follow the same path and rely on websites like Odesk to discover clients. There is nothing wrong with the approach and Odesk can deliver amazing results. Relying on a single option, however, will be far from sufficient for starting a successful freelance career.

In order to make money online and establish yourself as the authority inside the particular niche, you will need a strategy. Incorporating the following creative approaches in your strategy will deliver much better results than going down the orthodox path.

Being Active on Relevant Social Networks

Social networking should never be just for fun. You are building your career in the online realm and you are focusing on getting yourself noticed.

Have you been ignoring LinkedIn in the past? This social network provides amazing opportunities for freelancers. Create your LinkedIn freelance portfolio and join relevant groups. You will get information about valid leads and you will also establish a social circle for yourself.

Leads can come from the strangest places. The more active you are in groups and communities, the easier it will be to get yourself noticed. Many freelancers look for partners in social networking groups. Potential clients will also be visiting those to find the best professionals for the execution of their projects.

See Whether the Companies You Like Hire Freelancers

What does it take to find freelance work quickly and efficiently? Looking at job postings is a good idea but asking a few questions could deliver even better results.

Go to the websites of the companies that you like and take a look at the open work positions. Contacting the human resources teams will also give you a good idea about the company’s policy in terms of working with freelancers.

Very often, such positions will remain unannounced. It will be up to you to discover the right niche and to make a great first impression. Take your time to write a high quality message that highlights all of your skills. You have just one chance to get yourself noticed – use this opportunity wisely.

Look for Little-Known Freelance Websites

Popular freelancing websites have millions of members, all competing for the same positions. If you are a beginner, this competition is going to be too overwhelming.

Instead of joining the general, well-known portals, look for smaller websites that establish the contact between freelancers and clients.

Such websites will typically have a smaller number of job postings. You will, however, be competing against fewer freelancers. Start by going through Odesk once per week. In the meantime, look for alternatives. Many smaller websites offer specialized listings for copywriters, editors, developers, designers, translators and many other professionals. The smaller and more specialized it is, the easier it will be for you to find freelance work.

Improve Your Digital Footprint

Are you easy to find? Have potential clients mailed you to inquire about the conditions and the cooperation possibilities?

Work on improving your digital footprint. You are trying to make money online and you are active in a global market. Choose the right keywords for your niche and build content that will help you rank high for these search phrases.

Assume that clients are lazy. They want to do very little work and find the right professionals for their projects. Make yourself findable. If you are a designer, for example, you will need to improve your search engine positioning for keywords like “quality web design” or “modern and cheap digital design.” Think about the sub-niche you are most experienced in to improve targeting and get access to the right audience.

Don’t Wait for Them to Find You, be Proactive!

Many newbies commit the grave mistake of waiting for clients to make the first move. These people apply for a few position and become passive once the process is completed.

You need a proactive approach to find freelance work. Get back to clients. Ask them whether additional information is needed to facilitate the decision. You should be polite and informative rather than annoying. Following-up is a difficult but essential task for the successful establishment of your career.

Are you a designer? Have you noticed a certain website that looks outdated? Are you certain that you can do a good job for this type of client? Contact the team! You have nothing to lose. You will often be surprised by the response you will get.

Bonus Way to Find Freelance Work: Crowdsourcing Projects

Crowdsourcing websites are great for freelancers. Did you know that a lot of work is available there?

Many companies use crowdsourcing platforms to post competitions and project specifications. You will win a job by designing a logo or suggesting app development. Go through the possibilities listed there. Though you will have to put some work in the application process, chances are that you will establish long-term professional partnerships this way.

It takes some time to find freelance work that will keep on paying in the long-run. Be patient and don’t give up. Try something new if your original approach delivers mediocre results. Sooner or later, you will get to the level that you were originally interested in.

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