Earn Extra Income Online without a Website: How to Make Some Cash Fast

Earn Extra Income Online without a Website: How to Make Some Cash Fast

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Setting up your own website or blog ranks among the most obvious and effective online income generation options. If you’re not a writer or a content creator, however, you’ll probably be opposed to the idea.

Building a niche blog, filling it with quality content and investing time/money in optimization will necessitate months before you see returns. While this strategy can certainly unleash its excellent monetization potential, it’s not the right choice for everyone.

Do you want to earn extra income online without a website? You can accomplish the goal in a number of ways. Today, we’ll rank some of the best opportunities and also examine the revenue generation potential of each. Let’s get started.

How to Make Money Online without a Website: You Need a Strategy!

Depending on the amount of money you want to earn, you’ll need to have a strategy. Put together a plan before getting started and do your research.

You can earn extra income online in so many ways – by doing affiliate marketing, becoming a social media influencer, freelancing or investing in cryptocurrency. It’s really important to know what you’re good at. Also, you have to choose an activity that will keep you engaged in the long run.

If you find the concept boring or you don’t connect to it, chances are that you’re not going to stick with the idea in the long run.

To choose the best online income generation opportunity, ask yourself these important questions:

  • What am I really good at?
  • Can I afford to invest some money in the development of the idea?
  • How soon do I want to start seeing the returns?
  • How much money do I want to make online per day? Per week? Per month?
  • How much free time do I have to dedicate to the project?
  • Do I have specialized knowledge that can be monetized?

Is somebody else already doing what I intend to monetize? Is there a niche idea I can go for to narrow things down?

Answering these questions will provide the backbone of your online income generation methods.

Do you still need some assistance and inspiration to get started? The following list will take you through a number of specific strategies that can be employed to earn extra income online without a website.

Do Affiliate Marketing on Social Media

Affiliate marketing is a really versatile choice for steady income generation. There are so many companies that have lucrative affiliate programs and that pay hefty bonuses for referrals. Even better, you can do affiliate marketing on social media and without a website.

To make money online without a website, you’ll need to focus on the development of an alternative channel.

In the world of social media, that means growing your following and reaching a large crowd.

You can do affiliate marketing on numerous channels – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all great choices.

When it comes to selecting the right affiliate program, here are a few platforms that feature really nice offerings:

Keep in mind that for some of the featured campaigns, you’ll have to get the advertiser’s approval first. Some campaigns also don’t allow social media or email traffic. While the options are fewer for affiliates who don’t use a website, there’s still a wonderful number of choices.

Income generation potential: limitless and really dependent on choosing relevant campaigns and growing your audience. You may start somewhat slow but with time, you’ll see the referrals and the commissions adding up.

Sell Digital Products Online

You can create a wide array of simple digital products to earn extra income online without a website.

Ebooks are a great choice but they’re not your only option.

If you like writing, you should definitely give self-publishing a try. The trick is to utilize multiple marketplaces and not just Amazon.

To speed things up and make them simpler, I rely on a distribution service called Draft2Digital.While it does charge a commission, Draft2Digital distributes to a wide range of marketplaces (some of the most popular and a couple of somewhat obscure options that may still be worth a try.

You also get a chance to create an actual printed book and an audiobook to expand the scope of offerings.

Sign up for a Draft2Digital account to begin earning money as a self-published ebook author.

Other digital products you may consider selling online include vector art, courses, infographics, slideshows, website themes, plugins and photographs.

Income generation potential: you may be off to a slow start but as you build your product portfolio, you will start earning quite a lot of money. Some ebook authors and course creators have become millionaires. While most aren’t going to be this lucky, they can easily earn enough to quit their day job and turn digital product creation into a full-time occupation.

Get Paid for Online Surveys

If you want to immediately earn extra income online without a website, you should consider paid survey websites.

The principle here is very simple and very effective.

Companies need to do market research. They use survey websites that have millions of members for the purpose. The website members that participate in the survey get paid and the company receives relevant, essential data.

In order to qualify for a survey via such a platform, you will have to belong to the right demographic group. Thus, you should consider joining multiple websites to get access to a bigger number of surveys.

Some of the best paid survey platforms right now include:

Income generation potential: by going through different paid survey website, you can probably generate about five to 10 dollars per day. The amount you can earn is really dependent on your country, your demographic profile and the availability of surveys. This is not a massive income generation opportunity but it can result in some nice side cash.

Earn Extra Income Online by Watching Videos

Just like there are companies willing to pay for survey participation, there are also brands that will give you money to sit through an entire video.

This is another very simple method that can result in a bit of additional cash. You’re not going to get rich this way but if you add video watching to other activities that make you money, the cash will eventually add up.

You can watch videos for cash on Swagbucks. Apart from being a paid survey website, the platform allows the completion of other small tasks that will also earn you points and allow you to cash out a bigger sum.

Inbox Dollars also features a paid video option. The website will also make payments for playing games, doing online shopping and even reading sponsored emails.

If you want an alternative, consider this one – My Points. As the name of the platform suggests, it gives you a chance to collect points for the completion of different tasks.

You can earn points and eventually redeem those by watching videos, playing games and reading sponsored emails. My Points has been online since 1996 and it’s a well-established, reputable microtasking platform.

If you join My Points, you will receive an immediate reward of five dollars. Making some additional cash on the platform will be dependent on your efforts and activities.

Income generation potential: it’s obvious you’re not going to get rich by watching online videos. Still, the few bucks you’ll generate each day or a few times per week could really help your monthly budgeting efforts.

Sell Stuff Online without a Website

Selling stuff on eBay is obviously one of the easiest options. If you build your reputation, you can create a consistent income stream this way.

You don’t need to build an ecommerce website to earn extra income online.

Artists, handcrafted item creators and other talented individuals can set up their Etsy shop.

It’s even possible to do dropshipping without a website. Both Amazon and eBay offer such options. Here’s some official information about dropshipping and product sourcing on eBay.

Income generation potential: it really depends on what you want to sell and whether you’re getting rid of items you don’t need or you plan to sell on a regular basis. If you buy stuff to sell online, create art/crafts/jewelry or get started with dropshipping, you can easily make a lot of cash.

Additional Ways to Earn Extra Income Online Without a Website

To make money online without a website, you can employ (and you definitely should!) multiple strategies. The ones mentioned above rank among the best approaches that will help you earn consistently high amounts of money.

To earn extra income online without a website, however, you can try out some of the following additional strategies.

Write Articles for Websites That Pay for Submissions

Maintaining your own website or blog is quite time-consuming. Even if you are a writer, you could be lacking the time to engage with your blog often enough.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot earn some income from your writing skills.

Many websites pay for articles and some of them offer really great amounts that exceed 50 or even 100 dollars.

Look for niche websites that discuss topics you’re knowledgeable about. If you manage to build a good relationship with such an online platform, you can easily earn an income on a regular basis through article submissions.

Buy and Sell Lucrative Domains

Can you really make money by buying domains and selling them to others for higher sums of money? The short answer is yes!

Here’s a relatively detailed guide that will give you a better idea of how buying and selling domains for money works.

You want to find domain names that offer real value and that big companies may be interested in. Some domains that are especially attractive have been sold for large sums of money and the required investment is minimal.

GoDaddy is one of the services you can use to buy your domain names.

It offers excellent research tools you can use to determine which domain names are available and which ones are not

Currently, .com domains are available on GoDaddy for 11.99 dollars. That’s how much you need to spend on a single acquisition to eventually earn a lot more.

Teach Skills and Languages Online

You can teach people via Skype or another live streaming service to earn an income as a tutor.

There are many websites out there offering tutoring jobs but some have a much better reputation than others.

Tutor.com is probably the biggest platform out there. The subjects are numerous and it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to work with kids, college students or adults.

VIPKid offers another excellent tutoring opportunity. You once again have the freedom to choose the subject that you’re comfortable with and to determine your pricing policy.

You Can Make Money Without a Website

These are my current suggestions but I intend to grow the list as I get additional ideas.

Do you make money without a website? What’s your strategy and how much do you earn through the specific approach? I’d be happy to learn a bit more about your experience in the comments below.

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