Doing Surveys for Money: Is That a Good Idea?

Doing Surveys for Money: Is That a Good Idea?

Doing surveys for money has turned into a quick and easy way to generate a bit of side income. There are numerous entities that offer online surveys for money – all you have to do is sign up, join the network, find surveys you can participate in and get cash for their completion.

Everybody can do surveys for money but there are a number of essentials to keep in mind.

Your location, age and other demographic characteristics will be determining for your ability to earn cash this way.

Many of the best survey sites for money are restricted to people from a certain country, for example, the US. Luckily, alternatives do exist and you can still monetize poll participation if you come across the right platform.

How Much Can You Earn by Doing Surveys for Money?

Before moving on to specifics, let’s take a look at the actual monetization potential here.

How much can you earn by doing surveys for money? The answer will depend on several factors.

Many people have given online surveys a try because they’re lucrative. The opportunity is quite simple and you don’t need specific skills in order to get paid. In addition, most surveys can be completed in a few minutes, resulting in some quick bucks.

It turns out that earning money by doing online surveys, however, isn’t always that easy.

Some websites will offer vouchers and gift cards instead of cash. Others have very strict criteria in terms of the demographic profile of those who could participate in their polls.

In other instances, there are point structures and you have to reach a certain level before you could eventually cash anything out.

Thus, the whole idea appears to be simple and fun but coming across the right opportunity can be tough.

To do online surveys for money, you’ll have to carry out some research. There are thousands of survey websites out there. Many aren’t legitimate. Many don’t offer money but rather gift points. While this could be a nice perk, it’s obviously not the one that most people are after.

Once you find a website actually offering cash, you’ll discover that the price per survey will vary significantly.

In some instances, survey participation will score you only 30 to 50 US cents. Some more complex surveys that demand a specific demographic profile can go up to five or more dollars per poll completed.

To sum it up, if you expect quick and massive cash, this isn’t the right opportunity for you. There are alternative ways to make money online that will result in more serious revenue generation possibilities.

The Dangers of Doing Surveys for Money

Please understand that it’s very important to pinpoint the right online survey websites. If you don’t join the best survey sites for money, you risk exposing yourself to a number of dangers.

One of the possible concerns is having your demographic and contact data being sold to third parties. This could happen if you do not pay careful attention to the respective platform’s terms and conditions before signing up.

A solid privacy policy will also be required to make sure that your details are not processed in a way that you’re not comfortable with.

Another danger is a potential financial loss.

Stay away from online surveys for money that charge a fee or a tax in order to join.

Such websites will offer easy 300, 500 or even more dollars per day to get people signing up. Once gullible individuals do, however, they find out that a registration fee has to be paid before the surveys become available. Those who go ahead and pay the amount will typically found out that the range of surveys is quite limited or that there’s nothing they could actually qualify for and cash out.

A Beginner’s Guide to Doing Surveys for Money

If you’ve never done surveys for money in the past, you’ll need to master a few key essentials in order to be successful.

Realize one thing – you will not make overnight cash this way. You have to be strategic and methodical about it in order to turn the opportunity into a nice source of some additional income.

This being said, you can rely on a few steps to make the most of your efforts in the beginning.

Sign Up for Multiple Websites

Even the biggest online survey platforms can dry up. Each company has specific demographic requirements for the participants in its survey. This means you’re not going to be eligible for all of the surveys available through a certain website.

The best strategy would be to sign up for multiple legitimate sites and to check their offers on a daily basis. Putting all of your eggs in the same basket is not a good strategy when it comes to making money online.

Get Common Forms Pre-Filled

Your browser or a plugin can be used to fill out automatically some of the common fields appearing in online surveys. By doing such automation, you can significantly reduce the amount of time required to complete a single survey.

While doing online surveys for money is far from difficult, it can get boring and tedious at times. Thus, the basic questions that don’t really necessitate focus and attention can be filled out through the use of a simple software script. Google Chrome has such capabilities and the information is drawn on the basis of fields you fill out often with your details.

Create a Separate Email Address

You should view this opportunity as a business venture. Create a separate email you’re going to use solely to do surveys for money.

This way, you can avoid mixups and perceiving important information as spam.

Once you get into it, you will receive a ton of emails from the online survey websites. Obviously, using your personal email for such communication is not a good idea. Whitelist the senders to make sure you’re getting all of the important updates and opportunities.

Pay Special Attention to Your Profile

In order to determine your eligibility for different polls, online survey websites will have you filling out extensive questionnaires. These are needed to pinpoint your age, location, occupation and interests.

Spend enough time on filling out the preliminary questionnaire correctly. The information you enter there will be determining for the number and types of surveys you’re eligible to take.

An incomplete profile will make it virtually impossible for you to consistently do surveys for money. Also, update the profile whenever a significant life change occurs. Getting married is one such massive change. The birth of a child is another. You can definitely see how certain companies may want to target such people. You’ll miss on the opportunity to participate in their polls if you do not update your personal information.

Do Not Cheat on the Surveys!

Your goal is not to scam survey companies or their clients who pay to receive important product or service information.

Companies want your genuine opinion and this is precisely what you should offer each time you sit down to take a paid survey. Don’t scan the questions quickly and just click on an answer for the heck of it.

One final thing you should never do is use a proxy.

A proxy enables you to qualify for surveys that are only available to US residents, for example, if you’re not located in the US. Using a proxy is against the terms of service of virtually all paid survey website. You may get to fill out a couple of geographically-restricted surveys this way but if you get caught, your membership is going to be terminated.

What Are the Best Survey Sites for Money?

Hopefully, the information presented here will help you get established in the domain of taking surveys for money.

One final important question that should be answered is which websites are worth a try.

Based on personal experience and research, I can recommend the following opportunities:


Click here to join to join MySurvey for free and start earning online income.

MySurvey ranks among the most popular consumer survey websites out there. It’s been around for numerous years and if you’re looking for a trustworthy opportunity, this one is definitely worth giving s try to.

Each survey you complete will score you points. These can either be cashed out to your PayPal account or turned into an Amazon voucher. According to the official MySurvey presentation, the company has awarded over 32 million dollars to its members.

Depending on your profile characteristics, you can expect to receive a couple of survey invites per week.

Some of the best MySurvey characteristics include a relatively big number of money making opportunities, various types of prizes and rewards, free sign up and generally easy to complete polls.

On the downside, you need to have a US address in order to register for MySurvey membership. There’s also a lengthy payout processing time but if you’re not pressed for immediate cash, that’s not going to be a major concern.

I believe that if you meet the qualification criteria, MySurvey is worth a try. You don’t have anything to lose because the opportunity is legitimate and trustworthy.

Survey Junkie

Join Survey Junkie today and get free bonus points to launch your online paid survey experience.

If you live in another country, you can still register. The number of money making opportunities, however, will be limited.

Survey Junkie has received a lot of attention lately and it has quickly turned into one of the most prominent paid survey sites out there. Joining Survey Junkie is free of charge and the website accepts members from the US, Canada and Australia.

Participation is rewarded in several ways – gift cards, Amazon vouchers and PayPal direct cash transfers. The variety of surveys is great and these are easy to complete. For everything you do, you are rewarded points. Each 100 points will be worth a dollar and you have to collect 2,500 points before you can cash out.

The downsides aren’t that many. A few members have reported about starting a survey that they don’t qualify for, hence not winning anything from it. In addition, there have been email invites for surveys that people don’t really qualify for. These, however, are more of an annoyance rather than an actual serious drawback.

Amazon Reward Survey

Join Amazon Rewards Survey today!

You’ve definitely heard this name before – Amazon is the leading ecommerce giant out there and luckily, it offers a number of wonderful monetization opportunities.

Amazon Reward Survey allows you to complete polls and receive a 500-dollar prepaid gift card. You’re not going to be making cash here but chances are that Amazon features something you’d like to get. This is the one reason why I’ve included this opportunity among the recommended ones.

You will once again need to live in the US in order to qualify for the program. To be eligible, you also need to be on Facebook and you’ll have to provide a valid email address.

According to those who have tried Amazon Reward Survey, it is a quick and easy opportunity to score a gift card.

The questions are easy and you may also have to complete a couple of offers before you receive the gift card by mail.

The official program presentation suggests that Amazon Reward Survey has already handed out 200,000 dollars in the form of cash and prizes. Once again, you have nothing to lose and you’ll diversify your portfolio a little bit further through this option.

Inbox Dollars

Sign up with Inbox Dollars today and get a five-dollar bonus.

Inbox Dollars is very popular and if you’re not in the US, it comes with an international alternative – Inbox Pounds.

The problem with this one is that the payout per survey is relatively low. Thus, you will have to take a big number of paid surveys in order to generate a significant enough sum. If you have fun taking surveys, you’ll definitely be happy with this one.

Inbox Dollars does have a referral program and you will also win by getting friends to sign up and take surveys. Still, it’s not the best monetization option out there and others could result in much more significant income generation possibilities.


Cash Crate – Get Paid For Your Opinion

Cash Crate is a lot of fun because it features more than surveys. You can earn money by shopping and getting cash back, referring others to the program, playing games and even trying out new products. The company has been around since 2006. Ever since, it has grown and its reputation has remained excellent.

Joining Cash Crate is free of charge. Surveys typically pay between 0.25 and two dollars. The length and complexity of the survey will be determining for the payout.

Just like other survey sites, this one has a points system. You can transform these into gift cards or request a PayPal payout. You need to have at least 20 dollars in your account before a payout becomes available.

As far as complaints go, the biggest one is that people will qualify for only a few surveys – a fact that will limit the CashCrate income generation potential. In addition, if you’re inactive for a period of 90 days, your account will be terminated.

CashCrate is not going to make you instantly rich. It is legitimate, however, and it’s definitely a nice addition to the eggs in your basket.


Answer Questions, Get Rewards. Sign-up is FREE

Toluna is another big player and it does offer international opportunities for sign up.

Both cash and vouchers will be available as rewards for those who take surveys. The rewards can be cashed out by making a PayPal transfer or claiming Amazon vouchers.

Each survey earns the taker a specific number of points. These will range from 2,000 to 50,000 and the variation is once again heavily dependent on the taker’s demographic profile. The minimum reward threshold is 30,000 points for a gift card.

Completing surveys on Tolula is very easy. According to members, 10 to 15 minutes are required per survey. In addition, Tolula has launched a game section that features additional fun interactive ways to win.


Get started with paid surveys right now – it’s free.

SurveyRewardz is very similar to other paid survey websites out there. You can create a free account and the payout takes place via PayPal. There are additional reward and cash out opportunities – Amazon gift cards, Payza, Dwolla and debit card payouts.

You have to be 18 or older in order to join. A payout is possible after you earn just one dollar from the surveys. Keep in mind, however, that some of the payout methods may come with a transactional fee you’ll have to cover in order to cash out.

The biggest downside of this platform is that you will not get email notifications when new surveys become available. Thus, you’ll need to log in regularly to avoid missing an opportunity. While SurveyRewardz is far from the biggest paid survey network out there, it may be worth signing up to.

Final Verdict: Can You Do Surveys for Money and Earn Enough?

Doing surveys for money is not going to turn you into a quick millionaire.

This isn’t the option to pursue if you want to quit your day job and generate income online.

Still, if you’d like to cash out a few bucks every week, online paid surveys are certainly worth a try. You can complete some of those while drinking your morning coffee and benefit from the eventual perks and bonuses.

Take your time to choose the right paid survey opportunities. There are so many websites that are simply not worth a try because of the low quality, the small number of surveys or the additional conditions. Avoid these and stick to reputable websites. While you may qualify for a limited number of surveys, these will be legitimate and they will result in a payment.

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