The Best Content Mills to Write for: Are Such Sites Worth the Effort? A 2019 Update

The Best Content Mills to Write for in 2019: Are Such Sites Worth the Effort?

Many newbies in the freelance writing niche, especially international writers, start looking for the best content mills to write for in an attempt to launch their career. The views about these websites are polar opposites. Some love the easy tasks and the quick monetization opportunities, others are concerned about the minimal payment.

I started my writing career on – a website that has unfortunately announced the end of its existence. The payment was two to three dollars per article but in the very beginning, this seemed like such an amazing opportunity. I wrote about topics like relationships and marketing and these topics demanded minimum research. As a result, I got to earn some nice additional income. Later, I moved on to better opportunities and made freelance writing my full-time professional occupation.

People that are excessively critical of content mills forget one important thing – no two websites are alike. Some of the best content mills offer excellent payment and a chance to work with amazing clients while others are simply abusing international writers and forcing them work for pennies.

The following guide is created especially for the needs of beginners in the niche. It will outline the specifics of working for content mills and what it takes to find the best such opportunities for freelance writers.

What are Content Mills?

First things first – what are content mills and why have these websites generated such a heated discussion among freelance writers?

A content mill is defined as a web-based company that “hires” numerous writers to create content for its customers. The company will usually earn some kind of commission for helping freelance writers find work. The same applies to the customers who sign up to use the services of the content mill – they will either have to pay a membership fee or a particular amount for the service.

What is it like writing for content mills? These sites usually have an administrative area where writers log in and look for new projects. The projects are typically distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Some of these websites could also have private tasks that are available solely to a particular writer that a customer has enjoyed working with.

Writing for Content Mills: Widespread Criticism

The problem with content mills is that some of the websites that offer high payment are open solely to US writers. International writers, even if they are native English speakers, will have to find other opportunities. Very often, these other opportunities will pay pennies for excessively complex texts that require hours of research.

This review excludes websites that pay writers to create academic documents and essays. Such websites belong to a completely different category and reputable freelance writers will never even think about joining this kind of portal.

Because many writers from developing countries are willing to write for minimal payment (less than one cent per word), many content mills have decreased their pay significantly. These websites are the ones that create the bad reputation of all such writing opportunities. The truth is that various reputable websites accept international writers and provide decent levels of payment.

How to Recognize the Best Content Mills to Write for?

The best content mills have quality standards. These usually have admission tests and sample requirements for the writers that want to join. Writers need to have certain language proficiency in order to be accepted.

Reputable content mills list all of the details and the work conditions. Writers have a clear idea about what they are getting into right from the start. The pay level is announced, there is a writing style guide and an experienced editorial team that assists new writers.

Some of the best content mills to write for have payment of two to seven cents per word, which is acceptable. For some international writers, these figures will look great and they will result in a beautiful sum at the end of the month.

A Few Examples of Good Content Mills to Write for

Content mills should be a part of your strategy but remember that looking for private clients is always the best possibilities. Relying on several sources for income generation will sooner or later result in maximization of the revenue. Still, you should do your research in advance and choose the most reputable websites to work for.

The following list includes some content mills that I have written for and that accept international writer. If you are looking for a good opportunity, you should give these websites a try. one of the best places that I still work for. I have numerous private clients there and their projects help me generate a nice sum of additional income each month. The website has an admission test for each of the writing categories. The minimum payment is slightly over one cent per word but many clients pay three to five cents per word for high quality writing.

2019 Update: I no longer write for this website due to several reasons. For a start, the volume of work had been steadily going down for some time. In addition, there were problems with payout delays. Several other team dynamics really discouraged me from continuing to pursue opportunities there. I’m not really confident whether I continue recommending Needanarticle but you’re free to give it a try! is another excellent content mill that many freelance writers have been happy with. The logic here is slightly different – writers have to create their pitches for each of the topics that customers need content for. If the customer is happy with the suggestion, the writer will get to create the piece. Though the staff and the customers tend to be quite picky, this website offers really good payment. is the international version of Textbroker. Upon applying for admission, writers will be given a certain number of stars that give them access to particular jobs. If the rating of a writer increases in the future, that writer will get access to better paying opportunities. Just like in the case of NeedanArticle, clients that are happy with the work of a particular writer will get to submit private orders. is another website that I have worked for over the past few years. Writers provide information about their fields of specialization and get access to writing projects on the basis of this information. Zerys introduced a change recently that put international writers in unfavorable position – the website gave clients an option to choose whether they want content to be written by US-based or international writers. As a result, the work volume for international writers decreased significantly but a few interesting projects can still be discovered every now and then.

2019 Update: While my Zerys account is still active, I haven’t written for this website in over a year. The volume of work has been going down steadily. This isn’t just my personal complaint, there have been multiple other mentions of similar issues. If you already have an account and you’re receiving work as a favorite writer, chances are that you’re happy with the platform. Don’t bother to make your first moves right now because Zerys isn’t accepting new writers. Even if it did, chances are that you’re not going to land gigs there.

A Few Other Content Mills to Watch for in 2019

Ebyline is a great one to try. While I’ve only had one gig with them, the pay rate was outstanding. This platform has managed to attract some top-notch clients and while the acceptance process for new writers is a serious endeavor, the opportunities justify the effort.

LettemWrite while I haven’t written for this one myself, the premise is interesting. LettemWrite is different from other content mills due to the fact that it features writing competitions. Writers can compete against each other to win contests. When they do, writers also become eligible for direct assignments.

As far as legitimate content mills go, these are the ones I can recommend. Please stay away from academic writing sites if you want to build a serious career. The same applies to websites like Fiverr. Websites that pay next to nothing like iWriter are also to be avoided. Even if you are an international writer and you’re looking for a way to start, there are good possibilities out there. Don’t do work for pennies because you’ll find it very difficult to break out of such a routine.

Content Mills and My Career in 2019

It’s been some time since I’ve written the original article about the best content mills to write for.

Today is February 7, 2019. I’m proud to say that my career no longer involves content mill text creation.

Most of my projects today involve clients I’ve worked with in the past. I continue getting invitations via Upwork and I have the luxury of accepting solely the ones I’m interested in.

Building a freelance writing career does take time and effort. In the beginning, you may have to accept opportunities that aren’t deemed the most lucrative ones out there. As you gain experience and your professional network is strengthened, however, chances are that you’ll benefit from interesting offers and projects that go beyond the scope of what the best content mills to write for have to offer.

Looking for the best content mills to write for? Take your time and do your research. You will otherwise be wasting precious time on websites that do not deserve your effort. Use this as an opportunity to start your career but always remember to diversify your sources of income. To learn more about starting a freelance career, you can visit this page or take a look at my first ebook about making money online.

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8 Comments on “The Best Content Mills to Write for: Are Such Sites Worth the Effort? A 2019 Update”

  1. Hi (again) Violet,

    You’ve got a blog about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart, which is writing at content mills, lol. I’ve put in time at Text Broker, Hubpages and Demand Media. Demand by far generated the most money for me, and I worked there for six years as a writer and copy editor. I started at Demand when they still let you write revenue share articles, and I cranked a ton of those out before they took the ability to do that away. While I liked the straight-up $25 payment from Demand for articles, I’ve made considerably more than $25 from a lot of the rev share articles I wrote six years ago. I’ve also done really well with a lot of the hubs I’ve written for Hubpages. I never figured out how to make Text Broker pay enough, so I gave up on that one. All that being said, I was let go from Demand Media recently. It just became too much work for what they were paying. You can read about my experience with Demand Media here:



  2. Hi Travis!
    Thank you for stopping by! I’ve got no experience with Demand Media but I’ve tried so many other options! Plan to write reviews about those in the future. Great to hear from other people that have similar passions and similar ways of earning income. Would love to learn more about your experience.

  3. Asking ‘what is the best content mill?’ is, I think, akin to asking ‘which garbage dump is best for collecting discarded clothing and old mattresses’? Every content mill is a dead end for any writer who hopes to make a decent living from their work, and wants be valued for their skill.

    I worked at Textbroker for a week and made $29 for 6 articles. Then I worked for Constant Content for a few months and made @ $900 a month during my 2 best months (which was much better than the average there, and was before the site deteriorated into something of a disaster area for writers.

    As soon as I gave up content mills (indeed, all ‘writing sites’) for good, my income soared. I got my own website up, started attracting my own clients and am now averaging over $5000 a month, every month that I choose to work (I travel 3-4 months per year).

    Seriously – there is no ‘magic writing site’ that will get you anywhere as a writer. I target high-paying, high-quality clients through my website (and LinkedIn) and haven’t looked back. The best thing any writer can do for their career is ditch these horribly low-paying clients altogether (I no longer writer for anybody for less than 25 cents a word).

    Kevin Casey

    1. Kevin,

      Thank you for offering another side to this coin. I for one certainly needed to hear a negative from somewhere, otherwise I would have just assumed these types of sites act as “get rich quick” schemes.
      Even though I’m still going to avoid these sites, after reading your comment I realised that I could leave them behind and not concern myself about whether or not I made the right call. Thanks for your brutally honest comment. It was much needed.


  4. This is the first page I clicked on after a Google search with “content mills international writers” (I am from Canada) and I am grateful that you shared your knowledge so I decided to buy your book. Looking forward to it!

    1. Hi Isabeau,
      really glad you found the information useful. I hope you enjoy the book, as well. Let me know what you think about it when you’re done :).

  5. What is the best way to get new clients without having much verifiable experience. I have written for txtbroker for quite a few years on a part time, as needed basis and have managed to make money as needed to pay a few bills here and there while putting a few groceries in my gut. I have recently began a blog to help writers with confidence, structure, and general education problems. I would like to find a few accomplished writers to interview and pass more information to my readers. I don’t have a huge following yet but its growing everyday. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and shared with many. I will also place a link to your blog on the post to help get a few more followers and views to your site in exchange for the information. I have a questionnaire that I can forward to anyone interested in helping share their knowledge and helping out those of us that are less experienced. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gary!
      It’s been some time since I’ve had a chance to update this site and post new content. So, your comment hasn’t been ignored, I simply was taking a break from this project – sorry for not answering back sooner. I’d be more than happy to share my experience with you. You can always get in touch with me by sending a quick note to

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