Can You Make Money Watching Videos Online and on Your Phone?

Can You Make Money Watching Videos Online and on Your Phone?

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Do you like watching online videos? You’re not the only one! People watch one billion hours of YouTube videos per day! It’s a fun pass-time but can you imagine it being monetized?

Can you make money watching videos online? How about watching fun clips on your phone? The short answer is yes.

Obviously, you can’t generate hundreds or thousands of dollars this way. If you’re looking for a nice passive income generation option, however, this one may be worth a try.

Online video penetration is growing all the time. By 2020, the number of digital video viewers in the US alone is expected to reach 236 million people. Marketers are spotting a massive niche and they’re obviously eager to make use of it.

This is how some of the opportunities to make money online watching videos have come into existence. There are various portals out there making it possible to earn by watching videos and we’ll explore the most prominent of those.

Ways to Get Paid for Video Watching

The idea here is to watch ads or promotional videos either on your computer or your phone. Each time you complete a video included in a certain monetization program, you will get paid for it.

To make money watching videos, however, you’ll have to be located in certain countries.

Just like in the case of doing surveys for money, you will need to belong to a specific demographic. Companies want to deliver their message to the right crowd. If you don’t live in a country that they’re targeting, chances are that the video monetization options in your region will be limited.

Hence, to make the most of this chance to make money online, you will have to do your research and explore multiple options. Joining multiple platforms will simplify the process of accessing videos you can monetize.

The Pros and Cons of Making Money Online Watching Videos

It’s easy to make money by watching videos online. Before adding this possibility to your revenue generation activities, however, you’ll need to examine the pros and cons.

Some of the biggest advantages of making money watching videos online include:

  • This is a legitimate online income generation option
  • You don’t need special skills or knowledge to make money online watching videos
  • You don’t need a website
  • Most of the videos are pretty short and you’re not going to be wasting significant amounts of time
  • There are various platforms offering such a monetization option
  • If you join multiple websites, you can end up with a nice little sum each month
  • No effort is required on your behalf (you don’t have to create content, freelance, maintain a website or write an ebook)

As great as these sound, attempting to make money by watching videos has a few shortcomings:

  • You cannot earn a full-time income this way
  • Options may be limited due to your location or demographic profile
  • Some of the platforms out there will pay very little per video
  • There are scam platforms out there that will trick you into watching spammy promo videos without paying anything

Thus, to make the most of this opportunity, you will have to do your homework.

Various legitimate websites make it possible to earn some money through video watching. Still, you will have to go through the terms and conditions to compare the platforms side by side. If the monetization method is not described in full detail or the platform is withholding some essential information, chances are that it’s not the best one for you to join.

Legitimate Platforms That Pay You for Watching Videos

Now that you know you can make money watching online videos, you will have to pinpoint the best options out there. Based on my research, I can recommend several platforms. The best aspect of these opportunities is that they feature videos, as well as other chances to monetize your efforts.


Swagbucks is one of the most profitable income generation websites, if you’re interested in paid surveys, watching videos or completing other types of small tasks for money.

While it’s mostly known for the paid surveys, Swagbucks also features videos you can watch and earn an income from.

When you sign up, you get a list of the opportunities that enable you to earn points. These points can be turned into gift cards or they’ll be converted into a certain cash amount you can withdraw via PayPal.

You can find a bit more about how it works here.

Join Swagbucks today and start monetizing your video watching.

Inbox Dollars

If you’re in the US, you should definitely join Inbox Dollars.

Those who are in European countries may want to opt for the Inbox Dollars alternative known as Inbox Pounds.

When you sign up for an InboxDollars account, you get a five-dollar newbie bonus. From that point forward, it’s up to you to determine how you’re going to earn money.

Just like Swagbucks, InboxDollars is a paid survey website that also features videos you can watch to make money.

According to the website’s official presentation, it’s members have earned more than 57 million dollars in rewards.

Some of the additional ways you can earn money on this website include playing games, coupons and even doing online shopping. Visit the InboxDollars website to see how it works and what you’ll have to do in order to earn cash.

Join InboxDollars and get your five-dollar bonus.


ClickPerks works in the exact same way as the other two platforms already listed.

To earn money on Click Perks, you will have to take surveys, shop online and watch videos.

You will once again earn points for each of the tasks you complete. The points can be redeemed in the form of cash, electronics and gift cards.

If you want to get gift cards, you will need solely 30 points that are easy to collect through the completion of a few surveys or videos. These 30 points can be turned into three dollars you can use to buy stuff from popular online platforms.

Start earning money by watching ClickPerks videos.


MyPoints pays you for watching videos and completing surveys.

According to the platform’s official presentation, you earn five dollars for taking five surveys. You can also make money daily by watching videos, playing games and shopping. MyPoints offers an additional income generation option that’s not available with the other platforms – email reading.

You read partner emails and earn five points per each.

The gift points can be reemed in the form of cash that’s paid via PayPal and gift cards you can use on Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks and other prominent shops.

Start your MyPoints journey by creating a user account.

Explore Alternatives

If you want to make money watching videos, you should definitely explore a couple of additional options, as well.

Various media companies announce such campaigns every now and then.

Netflix is an example of a company that is often hiring people to watch videos and categorize them. These people are known as taggers. The job is simple and it doesn’t require particular skills. As you can guess, however, the competition is intense and you will have to beat many others interested in winning some easy cash.

Neilsen also ranks among the companies that pay people to watch videos. The global marketing company is sometimes looking for individuals to view certain kinds of content. You will have to apply whenever a position becomes available – it will be announced online.

Be Careful about Scams

You can make money online watching videos but you have to be careful about scams.

Just like in the case of online surveys, there are platforms out there that make it impossible to cash out the reward points you earn.

Always make sure that a cashing out option is available. In addition, there shouldn’t be a massively high threshold that keeps you from monetizing unless you’ve watched hundreds of videos.

Stick to well-known, established and reviewed options. If something appears too good to be true, it probably is.

Making Money Watching Videos Online Is Not an Online Business
In my opinion, opportunities to make money by watching videos online are best for young people and for those interested in generating a little bit of additional cash.

If you want to make money online by launching your own business, this option isn’t the right one for you.

You will not learn important skills by watching videos. Yes, it’s fun and it’s easy. But this isn’t a sustainable business model that can result in massive income generation in the long run.

Those who want to set up a business and continue earning in the long run should explore legit online jobs and the best options for generating passive income online in the long run.

I believe you should never put all of your eggs in one basket, hence you should explore options other than monetizing your interest in monetizing online videos. Seek a passion or a skill that you’d like to develop in the future. These can help you earn a solid income that will potentially grow in the long run. To find out more about earning a living online and becoming a successful digital entrepreneur, you should acquaint yourself with the important topics and success prerequisites discussed in my ebook.

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