Can You Get Free Gift Cards Online: Free Shopping Can Be as Motivating as Cash Rewards

Can You Get Free Gift Cards Online

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While this blog is committed to discussing ways to make money online, I’ve decided to take a look at a slightly different opportunity today.

There are apps to get free gift cards that make it possible to shop online and in the real world without spending your hard earned cash. If you’ve done some research already, you probably know there are free Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, Starbucks, Uber gift cards and dozens of other opportunities to shop for free at your favorite places.

Obviously, finding free gift cards online sounds too good to be true. And very often – it is. Some of the apps you will come across will supposedly enable you to win free gift cards for doing simple tasks. Many times, however, you will complete what’s required of you and a reward will not become available.

I’ve decided to investigate free gift cards apps and how these work. I’ve also put together a list of some trustworthy opportunities you can try out today.

A word of caution – some of these opportunities come with geographical limitations. The country where you live right now will be determining for the availability of free shopping opportunities. If you’re doing research, always check how to get gift cards for free in the area where you live.

How Can You Get Free Gift Cards Online?

Various online platforms offer free gift cards for the completion of tasks.

Joining a survey website is one of the easiest ways to accomplish the goal. Free gift cards apps will have you doing simple tasks that are matched to your demographic profile. For each one, you’ll receive a certain number of points. When you collect a sufficient number of points, you’ll either get to cash a sum or convert it in a free gift card.

Occasionally, brand themselves may be willing to offer free gift cards online to those who participate in a survey, sign up for a newsletter or participate in a marketing activity.

To win free gift cards this way, you will have to follow your favorite brands online.

Their social media tend to present such possibilities, giving fans a chance to benefit from a free promotion. This is also the place where you will receive news about free products, coupons or other opportunities that will enable you to save money.

Why Should You Get Free Gift Cards?

When you win free gift cards, you’re likely to use them in the event of relevance. Did you know that gift cards worth one billion dollars go unused every year? There’s a simple reason why.

The generic nature of most gift cards is the one that stands in the way of effective monetization. Just think about it – if you like electronics and you spend most of your money there, you’re not going to use a home accessories gift card.

Another factor is that the gift card could “unlock” unwise spending behavior.

Statistics show that 72 percent of people spend more than the value of their gift card. Hence, to benefit from the opportunity, you’ll need to work a bit on your financial discipline.

Why should you try to win a free gift card? Because it can help you save some money. For the purpose, however, you have to make sure that the gift card you’re interested in can be used at a store that you frequent. The value of the gift card will also be essential.

Online shopping opportunities are making it easy to overcome some of the challenges pertaining to these free purchase possibilities. Digital gift cards are growing at a rate exceeding 200 percent and they’re a great choice for people from all parts of the world (as long as international shipping is available).

The Best Strategies

Before moving on to actual websites and apps that will enable you to win free gift cards, I’d like to pinpoint a few additional opportunities you may want to try.

If you want to learn how to get gift cards for free, you should definitely try credit card rewards.

Many credit card companies have reward programs for those who make timely payments. There are also free gift programs based on spending certain amount via the respective credit or debit card. Meeting such milestones can be easy, especially if you choose to pay utilities, rent and other essentials with the card.

Applying for rebates can also result in free gift cards.

Food companies rank among those who schedule reward promotions most often. You can come across these opportunities when you visit the local supermarket or follow the social media of the brand. When you spend a certain amount on company products, you’ll become eligible for a free gift card.

Finally, you can always ask friends to give you gift cards for special occasions. This is one of the simplest strategies to rely on but you’ll get the valuable freebies only a few times per year.

Here Are the Best Sources of Free Gift Cards Online

If you don’t want to rely on friends or credit card programs, you can access free gift cards in a number of alternative ways.

I’ve compiled a list of free gift card apps and platforms that have been tested and that really work. The amount you can generate varies and so do the stores included in each program. The specific details are included in each section below.


When it comes to free gift cards apps, Shopkick is one of the most prominent entries. It’s been around for some time already and over the years, the app has managed to maintain its good reputation.

Here’s how it works – you can earn rewards for your in-store and online experiences. For successful task you perform, you earn kicks (reward points). As these accumulate, they can be turned into a free gift card.

Some of the ways in which you can accumulate kicks on Shopkick include scanning product barcodes, purchasing products you need and submitting receipts via the app, doing online shopping, checking out partner offers online and watching videos.

You can monetize your shopping habits and you can also complete some pretty small, basic tasks in order to win free gift cards.

When you accumulate a certain number of kicks, you can redeem your free digital gift card.

Some of the free gift card options Shopkick makes available include the following:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Sephora
  • Starbucks
  • Barnes&Noble
  • Uber
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Nike
  • Old Navy
  • JCPenny

To get started, you will need to download the Shopkick app, create a profile and link a credit card. You can look for shopping opportunities in the Kicks Nearby section. This is also where you’ll find product scanning tasks you can complete for kicks.

For a better idea of what the completion of each Shopkick task is worth, 250 kicks are equal one dollar. To obtain a 25-dollar gift card, you will need to have 6250 kicks (3750 kicks for a 15-dollar gift card).

Download Shopkick to your phone and start winning those free gift cards.


Ebates is a cash back website. In this sense, it’s not the best way to win free gift cards because you’ll have to spend something on the acquisition.

Think of it another way, however – if you do your regular shopping through Ebates, you can save some money that will come back to you in the form of cash you can withdraw via PayPal or as a gift card.

When you visit Ebates, you will see a list of all the partnering shops and ecommerce websites. The sum you’re going to get back is also listed. For example, if you do some GAP shopping with a linked credit card, you’ll get eight percent from the purchase back. will give you back up to 10 percent and Walmart has a cash back offer for up to five percent at the time being.

Occasionally, Ebates features double cash back stores that help you get double the amount you usually would in the event of a purchase.

As the amount accumulates in your profile, you can withdraw it to a PayPal account or you can get a gift card of preference:

When you create your Ebates account, you will be provided with a chance to get a free 10-dollar Walmart gift card. To redeem, you have to make a qualifying purchase within a specified period (that you can view in your account).

Additionally, Ebates members get email offers for bonus gift cards on a monthly basis.

Create an Ebates account for free here.


if you’re interested in more opportunities for winning free gift cards online, you should definitely sign up for Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a website that offers its members rewards for the completion of various activities. You can redeem cash or you can win free gift cards for qualifying activities via the platform.

One of the most prominent ways in which you can earn points on Swagbucks is through the completion of surveys (learn more about paid surveys here ). Swagbucks also enables cash back shopping through its partner network if you want to increase the sum in your account.

You can opt for Amazon gift cards once you have a sufficient number of points to convert. There may be a few additional free gift card options, depending on your location.

The digital gift cards will be awarded in approximately 10 days of making a request. These are available in the range from one to 100 dollars.

Currently, Swagbucks is open to individuals over the age of 13 and located in the following countries: the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Ireland and India.

Your free Swagbucks account awaits you here.


InboxDollars is Better Business Bureau-accredited and over its years of existence, the platform has handed out over 57 million dollars in the form of rewards (as per its official presentation).

The cool thing here is that InboxDollars enables its members to complete several very simple tasks for rewards – surveys, game playing, video watching, online shopping and even email reading are available to qualifying InboxDollars subscribers.

You need to accumulate 30 dollars in your account before you can request a payout or a reward.

There are also the so-called “merchant cards” you can choose among. InboxDollars offers gift cards for a wide array of stores, among which:

  • Amazon
  • Adidas
  • iTunes
  • Chef’d
  • eBay
  • Fandango
  • Food Locker
  • Google Play
  • GameShop
  • Facebook
  • Nordstrom
  • Nike
  • Uber
  • Walmart
  • Xbox
  • … and many others

You can also benefit from a cool option to make a donation of a charity you support that’s participating in the InboxDollars program.

When you join InboxDollars, you will get a five-dollar welcome bonus.

If you’re in the UK, you can opt for the InboxDollars sister website – InboxPounds.


ShopTracker is another paid survey website to add to your list of apps to get free gift cards from. While some reviews suggest the opportunities available here are somewhat limited in comparison to what other comparable websites have to offer, you can still check ShopTracker out and enjoy the occasional free gift card option.

To get started, you’ll need to download the free gift cards app and begin completing tasks to earn rewards.

The points you have can be redeemed as retail e-vouchers for various stores, Amazon gift cards and prepaid debit cards. You can also make a donation for a charity of preference.

Joint ShopTracker right now to get a three-dollar sign-up bonus.


LifePoints offers free gift cards online to its over five million members in different parts of the world. Top see if your country is included in the program, visit the website and check their list. You can also get in touch with the help center to receive a notification about when your country of residence gets included in the LifePoints program.

To earn points, you will once again have to complete surveys. The good thing here is that you’ll receive an email notification about new surveys that you’re eligible to do.

The number of LifePoints you will earn for the completion of each survey is outlined in the conditions for the respective task. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to do the reward task or skip it.

You will earn 10 points for creating and verifying your LifePoints account – get started here.


Our list of free gift cards online opportunities will end with MyPoints – a website that’s quite similar to the other free gift cards apps.

MyPoints is a paid survey website (you’ve probably guessed that by now!). Once again, it’s not known for the biggest number of opportunities but signing up is free of charge.

Each survey you do will give you a certain number of points you can eventually redeem in the form of a free gift card.

To win free gift cards on MyPoints, you can also watch videos, shop within the partner network, play games and read emails.

If a gift card isn’t really your thing, you can withdraw your MyPoints rewards in the form of PayPal cash.

Sign up for MyPoints and earn five dollars for the completion of five surveys.

Final Verdict and My Recommendations

Joining apps to get free gift cards can certainly add a bit of spice to your online income generation activities.

Can you get rich this way and produce massive savings? I don’t believe so. After all, you have to qualify for offers and you have to complete tasks in order to get your gift cards. Still, if your favorite shops are in the list of partners for an app or a platform, you can definitely give it a try.

You can add these opportunities on top of apps we’ve already discussed for income generation.

If you want to earn more, consider some of the top passive income generation techniques and and the ways to earn 50 dollars a day online.

I’d once again like to warn you to be careful when choosing free gift card apps.

Some of these platforms are absolute scams that aim to collect persona information. Alternatively, you will sign up, you will complete a task and you will not get anything in return.

Always read reviews and do test drives before choosing the apps to download and the platforms to join. Free gift card websites and apps that promise massive monetization should raise an immediate red flag.

Do you have any experience with the free gift card apps mentioned here? Do you rely on alternative platforms? Let me know what your favorites are – a quick comment will be highly appreciated.

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