Bubblews Review: Can You Make Real Money with It?

Bubblews Review: Can You Make Real Money with It?

Have you considered becoming a bubbler – one of the people writing for Bubblews? If so, the following Bubblews review is the perfect text for you. Learning a bit more about this website will help you figure out whether it is the right possibility for you and whether it will enable you to make money online.

I came across Bubblews several months ago while researching passive income generation opportunities. Though I would not recommend the website to anyone who is interested in serious online income generation, it would certainly be a good option for beginners and individuals that want to generate a little bit of passive income online.

What is Bubblews?

Let us start the Bubblews review with the basics: what is this website all about?

This is yet another website that enables writers to earn some income. Money is given for pageviews comments on posts and likes. The likes can only be given by registered Bubblews members who are known as bubblers.

The pageviews generate the biggest portion of the income. Each like gives a cent and the same applies to the comments. A cent is also given for a pageview but these are much easier to accumulate than the likes and the comments, which is why they represent the biggest portion of the Bubblews revenue.

According to the website’s creators, Bubblews offers a “fresh perspective to traditional social networking” because it enables the members to write about anything that they fancy. It is easy to understand, however, how this original concept can be abused.

Many of the publications come with whatsoever no quality and they are written in extremely poor English (or created via the Google translation tool). These bubblers have no experience with driving traffic to their posts – they rely on the comments and the likes that they get from other bubblers.

This lack of quality control makes it incredibly easy to get anything published. Bubblews accepts even duplicate content, which could potentially lead to the website’s demise but this is certainly not the topic of the post.

Who is Bubblews Suitable for?

Bubblews is suitable for anyone who is just getting started with online income generation. There are many students and people having zero copywriting and SEO experience contributing to this website.

If you are just getting started and you want to learn the basics of internet marketing and passive income generation, Bubblews is a good possibility for you. There is no need to put emphasis on quality, good content writing and editing. You can write about the food you ate yesterday, the book you are reading right now or what your room looks like. There are no topics, no length requirements or other criteria that will limit you.

If you are a writer that has some experience, however, I’d suggest creating your own website or dedicating some time to other passive income generation possibilities that will help you earn much more.

How Much Money can You Make with It?

Here is some more useful information to make this Bubblews review complete. You need to make 50 dollars before you can request a payment.

The rate at which you make money depends on your online marketing efforts and the networking that you do with other bubblers. You will need to view their content, like the pages and leave comments. Since a lot of the traffic and the income generation comes within the website itself, you will need to interact with others on a regular basis.

Getting one cent per post like and per visitor will never result in significant income but if you are persistent and you dedicate some time to Bubblews on a daily basis, you will be capable of cashing out within a relatively short period of time.

A Few Tips for Beginners: How to Optimize Your Money-Making Efforts

My recommendation is to avoid Bubblews and dedicate your time, creativity and effort to more productive activities. Creating your own website or blog and placing Adsense ads on it will certainly generate much higher passive income.

Still want to give Bubblews a try? Here are a few of my tips for making the most of this website (based on my limited experience with it but I think that these can deliver success):

  • Post something on a daily basis. In fact, make more than one posts. Having more publications will give you better opportunities to get page likes and new comments.
  • Always interact with other bubblers. Follow their profiles, like and comment on their publications
  • If somebody follows you, follow them back.
  • Use the social sharing buttons that come with each post. Doing social media marketing is the key to getting those visits up.
  • Adding + before a word is going to create a tag. If you write about food, for example, add +cooking in it. This way, the content will become accessible under the topic.
  • Do your best to cash out quickly – I’m not certain how long Bubblews will be around (remember all of the Google penalties connected to low quality content?)

Bubblews Review: Conclusion

I give Bubblews 1 out of 5 stars for passive income generation potential. The website is very easy to use and it accepts all kinds of content. Still, it’s far from the best possibility out there and you can certainly be doing something a bit more productive and earning more money.

Do you want to learn more about making money online? Are you looking for Bubblews alternatives? My book How to Make Money Online: The Secrets of Starting Your Own Web-Based Business will give you a lot of additional information. You can find out more about the book here or purchase it from the Amazon bookstore.

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  1. Thank you for the comment, George. It’s true that internal traffic is the key to the existence of Bubblews but several similar developments have gone dead after Google introduced stricter content requirements. I don’t see it as a sustainable long-term business model.

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