Best Niches to Target if You Want to Make Money Blogging

Best Niches to Target if You Want to Make Money Blogging

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Is it possible to make millions blogging? The answer is positive and a chosen (lucky) few have already managed to accomplish the goal.

While most people will fail becoming blogging millionaires, it’s still possible to generate a nice sum through such online activities.

To make money blogging, you will have to accomplish a couple of things. The first and most important one is to select the right niche for your blog. A good blogging niche is characterized by sufficient traffic. At the same time, it attracts a targeted audience that has a specific interest in the topic.

General blog posts fail meeting these criteria and while they can attract a massive audience, the conversion rate will be low. You need to go niche but not too specific. If you pick a very narrow topic, the monetization potential will go down once again.

Can you make money blogging? Absolutely! In order to be successful, you will need to put some thought into the selection of the right niche.

If you need a bit of inspiration to get started, here are a few great niches to target if you want to make money blogging.

Money Making and Entrepreneurship

This one is an obvious and I can vouch for the profitability of the niche.

Making money with a blog is heavily dependent on finding an eager, passionate audience. The number of people looking for passive income opportunities and those who want to start their own business is growing all the time.

A massive 62 percent of millennials have considered starting their own business. It’s also interesting to point out that 78 percent of millennials are worried about having access to sufficiently good job opportunities.

These are the people actively entering the workforce and the ones you should be targeting in your blogging efforts.

In order to be successful, however, you have to give your audience some authentic and good information about making money online. There are dozens of blogs and website out there that tackle the topic. If you don’t have a unique take or some practical experience to share with your readers, chances are that you’ll quickly be drowned by the competition.

A few good sub-niches you may want to explore in the make money field include the following:

  • How to make money blogging
  • Passive income generation
  • Startup ideas and guidance
  • Freelancing and building an online career
  • How to make money online
  • Make money with a website/ecommerce website
  • How to invest (in gold, bitcoins, companies, etc.)

You can definitely make money by teaching others how to make money. You can also take a spin on the topic and cover ways to save money, money-generating apps, getting money for free, etc.

To start on this journey, you’ll need to build a reliable blog first.

Building your own blog doesn’t have to be expensive.

Companies like Hostinger give you access to affordable solutions. Hosting starts at 1.45 dollars per month and the company offers a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.

Get started with Hostinger hosting here. You will benefit from reliable customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fitness and Wellbeing

While I’d personally avoid the health niche when attempting to make money from blogging, fitness and wellbeing are two great sub-niches you can tackle.

The niche comes with massive traffic generation potential.

At the same time, there could be some challenges in terms of monetization. This is why you need to have a pretty good idea about what you’re doing if you want to be making money with a blog.

For a start, pick the right monetization approach. Will you be an affiliate? Can you develop your own fitness courses and sell those online? Will you draft ebooks and offer those via the blog?

You should also know that the competition in the field is intense. Thus, you will once again need to offer something unique to your audience. People are also more likely to trust you if you have some type of credential and you work on establishing your online reputation in the respective area.

The best approach in this field may be to develop a number of distinctive blogs that tackle different sub-topics. You will tap into numerous markets and cumulatively, the blogs can result in some pretty nice income.

Parenting and Mommy Blogs

Moms obviously are seeking the best options for their kids. If you manage to establish your authority in the field and you advertise products that appeal to parents, chances are that you’ll soon be making some pretty impressive sums with your blog.

Moms face all sorts of problems with their kids and they’re looking for answers.

It’s easy to get a good idea about the best topics by going through parenting forums. If you have kids, chances are that you’re already aware of the topics that may intrigue the respective audience.

Parenting is a pretty broad concept and you should definitely look for ways to narrow it down if you want to make money blogging. Some of the potential sub-topics to consider include the following:

  • Newborn care
  • Baby health and safety
  • Nutrition advice
  • Child development activities and ideas
  • DIY toys, activities and learning aids
  • Communication with a child

… and dozens of others! Check out the competition before getting established in the respective area. Chances are that you may have to modify the idea a bit further in order to make it work.

A good parenting blog needs to be sufficiently visible. Thus, you’ll need to spend some time on the selection of the right theme, graphic elements and visuals for your publications.

Investing a bit in the creation of a high quality blog is a good idea if you want to turn the activity in a serious income-generation method.

Envato Elements is an excellent choice. Once you subscribe, you’ll get access to photos, fonts, WordPress templates and various other creative elements you’ll need to set up a visually-pleasing and professional blog.

Apart from offering these essentials, Envato Elements has recently added audio, free files, music and 3D elements to its library of digital assets.

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Personal Finance

People want to know how to make money and they also want to know how to manage their money in the best possible way.

Many aren’t aware how to deal with their money in the best possible way. People tend to be financially irresponsible, which can lead to problems they’ll need solutions for.

To make money from blogging in the field of personal finance, you will need to identify the sub-topics that you have sufficient knowledge of. Here’s a simple list of a few great possibilities:

  • Handling debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • Budgeting and monthly finance management
  • Choosing financial services (a review-type website)
  • Investing
  • Tax issues
  • Best ways to save money

If you need some inspiration, take a look at Michelle Gardner’s blog – one of the biggest in the field. Gardner is very open and honest about the amount of money she makes blogging. As per her latest report, the blog has resulted in over 1.5 million dollars in 2018.


If you want a well-defined niche with a knowledgeable audience that’s really passionate about the topic, technology will be it.

To make money blogging about technology, however, you have to be quite knowledgeable in the area. Your audience will typically have some degree of knowledge and understanding. If you’re just doing a bit of online research and posting articles dozens of other people already have on their blog, chances are that you’ll never make it big.

Promoting products in this field is a very good way to monetize. Hi-tech aficionados will often be willing to spend big bucks on quality products that they want and need.

Some potential sub-topics to explore in this area include:

  • Product reviews, especially if you have a unique writing style or tone
  • App reviews
  • Software or hardware-based advice
  • Gaming
  • Artificial intelligence
  • 3D printing
  • Programming languages and website development
  • Home automation
  • Technology news and latest developments

Obviously, this is a very small selection of topics to tackle in the technology sector. If you’re passionate about tech, you should definitely opt for the theme that interests you the most. The interest will be evident in the content you create.

Technology is a great choice for a blogging niche but the competition is once again pretty intense.

You will have to find a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. The process starts with the selection of a catchy and easy to remember domain name. After all, it will be a brand element and you have to choose it accordingly.

Service providers like make the process easy. If you already have a domain idea, go to the homepage to find out whether somebody has already taken it.

You can also register the domain that you’re interested in. Additionally, has a range of additional services like website builders, web hosting and security solutions.

Use this link to sign up for services today and get a 10 percent discount with the DOMAIN10 code.

Home Décor and Home Improvement

Making money with a blog that focuses on home improvement is easy – the topic interests a wide group of people and these individuals are also willing to invest in good products.

Such a blog will need to be highly visual and well-organized if you want to make it a massive success.

To make money blogging about home décor and home improvement, you may want to invest in a quality camera, a subscription in a reputable image bank and a premium website theme that will offer a lot of flexibility in terms of content presentation.

Once you’ve mastered these basics, you can move on to sharing your ideas with the world and earning income along the way.

There are numerous inspiring examples of people who have been successful in the niche.

Harper House by Christy is one example of a home décor blog that is doing really well.

Christy started the blog to help her family out while discussing a favorite topic. As per some of the latest reports, the home décor and design blog is generating over 6,000 dollars per month in the form of ads and affiliate marketing.

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Marketing and B2B

Those who have specialized corporate knowledge are at an advantage because they can make money from blogging by addressing the B2B niche.

There’s a wide range of B2B products and tools you can advertise on your blog. Affiliate marketing, ebook creation, course development – all of these are exceptionally profitable choice for the monetization of a B2B blog.

Focus on the skills and the knowledge that small business owners may want to acquire. These are the people to target – large corporations have the departments to handle every single problem.

Some of the professional blogging niches that can help you generate good profit include:

  • Marketing
  • Search engine optimization and website development
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Human resource management
  • Tips for increasing employee productivity and engagement
  • Product and tool reviews
  • Financial strategizing
  • Organizational management

These are niche, highly specific topics. If you don’t have the knowledge and the practical experience needed to give sound advice, it would be best to stay away from such themes.

Topics I’d Avoid

Regardless of your experience level, there are topics that will be difficult to monetize. Based on my personal experience and preferences, here are a few of the blogging niches to stay away from.

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To make money blogging about travel, you will have to defeat a massive competition. Just do a bit of research – the same people are working hard to attract the same clients. A good travel blog requires investment – you will need to travel, you’ll need a camera, image and video editing software products.

You cannot do a mediocre job in this field and still expect to monetize. Can you make money blogging about travel and adventures? Absolutely! Still, you will find it very difficult to get started and to earn those bucks.


Another tricky blog niche according to me.

Food blogs come by the dozens.

You don’t need special knowledge or skills to blog about food. Everybody is a foodie already. A focus on image-heavy publications will also reduce the need to write about the topic.

The monetization possibilities are also limited. You can partner up with restaurants, write reviews and visit these venues but how many local restaurants can you explore and write about? What’s the growth potential of a food blog? Unless you have your own, very unique and original recipes to share (and eventually publish a recipe book), food is a difficult niche to tackle.

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How many fashionistas are out there today? Just scroll through Instagram and you’ll get the answer to this question.

True, a fashion blog can benefit from a tremendous number of monetization opportunities. Unless you have marketing and SEO knowledge, however, it will be nearly impossible for you to attract a large enough audience because of the massive competition.

Medical and Healthcare

This is a topic I stay away from due to ethical considerations.

There are so many people attempting to diagnose themselves on the internet. Some of these people will be jeopardizing their health due to the fact they’re not turning to a professional.

Unless you’re a medical professional, you can offer misleading or even dangerous advice. Hence, you should steer clear of such topics. People’s health will be on the line and no income generation opportunity is worth putting someone in danger.

Final Verdict: How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche

Take some time and work on the identification of a profitable blogging niche.

There are dozens of additional options out there that we haven’t discussed in this guide. It would be best to start with a topic you enjoy and you’ll have fun writing about. Once you get this general idea, check out the current online landscape to acquaint yourself with the competition and the size of their audience.

After you set up the blog, use Google Analytics to check what the most popular blog posts are. These will give you some insight into the audience’s preferences. Based on this information, you can narrow down the topic further or go in a new direction that you didn’t envision in the very beginning.

Are you making money blogging already? If so, what’s the topic you’ve chosen? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below.

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