9 Best Apps That Reward You for Performing Simple Tasks

The 9 Best Money Making Apps That Reward You for Completing Tasks

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get some additional cash each month? Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home mom or someone who works at an office, it will certainly be great to monetize your spare time.

This is where the best money making apps come in.

You can make money with apps if you choose the right ones to download to your phone. The monetization methods vary greatly. Most of the time, however, you have to perform rather simple tasks for which you’re going to get rewarded.

Are you wondering how to make money with apps? This guide will acquaint you with the essentials and some of the best money making apps out there.

How Do the Best Money Making Apps Work?

Money making apps work in several ways.

A few of the most common ways in which you can earn through apps include the following:

  • Do surveys: we’ve discussed paid survey platforms already. Some of these platforms have mobile apps you can download to your phone and make quick cash on the go.
  • Ad and video watching: you can download apps that let you to watch ads or videos for cash. While you’ll be paid cents for each one you complete, the tasks are very simple and the cents will add up.
  • Simple tasks in your region: location-based apps could have you doing basic tasks in the neighborhood for cash.
  • Shopping and cashback apps: you can monetize the purchases you already make. Shopping and cashback apps give you a percentage of the amount you’ve spent back. There are also apps that pay you to visit shops, scan barcodes or take pictures of the product displays.
  • Sweepstake apps: these are less certain and there’s no guarantee of monetization. Participating in sweepstakes, however, is a lot of fun. You can participate in various games that feature different prizes (both cash and objects) and that let you test your luck.

There are various other apps out there – investment apps, cryptocurrency-based apps, real estate apps, etc. These, however, are somewhat less common. In addition, they require better knowledge of a certain field and some effort on your behalf. This is the main reason why you’re not going to take a look at such money making apps in this review.

How Much Can You Earn with Money Making Apps

Various online income generation options exist. Some of them, like blogging, for example, necessitate serious efforts to start generating income.

I’ve said it several times before and I’ll say it again – if you want to make money online, you’ll have to work and you’ll have to invest in it. Make online money quick schemes do not work. If they did, everyone would be a millionaire.

The best money making apps will not make you rich.

You’re spending a few minutes on a task. Chances are that you’ll be paid cents or a few dollars, depending on the complexity of the task.

These apps should be seen as more of a perk or a chance to earn a few dollars on the side. This isn’t a primary online income generation option.

Chances are that you’ve seen online reports of people claiming to make hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the most ridiculous apps out there (walking and getting paid? No, it doesn’t really work that way!). Most often, these people participate in affiliate marketing networks and they’re interested in making you believe that the respective app is the best one out there. When you download the app, they earn money from the referral.

The amount of money you earn will depend on the specifics of the app you download and the kinds of tasks you’ll have to complete.

You can certainly earn 50, 60 or even a 100 dollars per month on mobile apps. For a larger sum, you’ll probably have to download dozens of applications and you’ll have to spend all of your times on those.

Instead of attempting to make money with apps all the time, you can opt for another online income generation opportunity. Usually, a hybrid approach that relies on several strategies will yield the best results.

The Best Money Making Apps

If you want to learn how to make money with apps, you’ll need to research and assess the different options out there.

Money making mobile apps are not created equal.

Some will have you complete dozens of tasks before you could cash out anything.

Other are complete fraud schemes. If something appears too good to be true, it probably is.

Always check Better Business Bureau ratings before downloading anything. Going through the reviews of people who have used a certain app can provide additional valuable information.

Without further ado, here’s my list of the best money making apps that work and that will give you a nice little cash reward for the tasks you complete.


If you want to make money with apps, you should definitely download Swagbucks.

Swagbucks has an online platform but you can also download a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Mostly known for paid surveys, Swagbucks provides several additional monetization opportunities.

As per the official Swagbucks presentation, the platform has paid out over 329 million dollars to its members. You earn points for each task you complete. The points can then be turned into cash (that you can withdraw through PayPal) or a gift card of preference.

Apart from doing paid surveys, Swagbucks also allows you to earn by shopping online, watching video clips, discovering offers, searching the web and even playing games. Once you create your profile, you’ll get a detailed list of the opportunities available for you to try and monetize.

If you join Swag bucks now, you’ll get a five-dollar bonus as appreciation for your sign in.

Creating a Swagbucks account is easy – all you have to do is enter your email address to get started.


TimeBucks is classified as a rewards website. There’s also an Android app you can download to bring the monetization opportunities everywhere you go.

The TimeBucks app accepts members from all parts of the world but the monetization opportunities are heavily dependent on location. Still, there’s no approval process and the registration is free. You can easily join to check out if there’s anything worth paying attention to.

Those who join TimeBucks can earn in several ways – through video watching, app installation (the apps are typically free of charge), Instagram follows of specific accounts, surveys, polls and referral programs.

As per the TimeBucks official presentation, members who qualify for all of the offers can earn anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars per day. As there’s a referral program that can be monetized, the income generation opportunities increase.

Payments are made on a weekly basis and you can choose between PayPal and bitcoin payouts. There’s a minimum threshold of 10 dollars accumulated in the account before you can get your weekly payment.

Create your TimeBucks account and start earning here.

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars has both Android and iOS apps you can use to earn an income. This platform ranks among the best money making apps because it’s been tested time and time again and it’s been proven to work.

Just like the previous two apps, InboxDollars allows monetization in several ways – through paid surveys, video games, coupons, shopping in the InboxDollars partner network and even paid email. The last opportunity is pretty self-explanatory – you have to read an email you’re sent via the platform and you’ll earn cash for it.

InboxDollars is one of the biggest paid task communities out there. The platform’s official presentation suggests that 57 million dollars have been paid out in the form of cash and prizes.

This app is accredited by BBB and Trustpilot. You have no reason to worry about getting paid – the cash withdrawals are guaranteed.

To download the InboxDollars Android App, click here.

For the iOS InboxDollars app, click here.


AppNana is another legit platform that you can use to earn money on a mobile phone or a tablet. You will be rewarded for downloading and using different apps. Each time you do, you will earn nanas that can be transformed into rewards later on.

If you go through online forums and monetization communities, you’ll come across the testimonials of many people who have used AppNana. While some of the app downloads don’t result in massive rewards, there will still be some points collected.

Anyone who signs up and downloads the app will get a certain number of points (nanas) as a starting bonus.

The minimum cash out threshold is very low and you can choose between gift cards and PayPal money.

Get started with AppNana here.


SmartPanel is more selective about who can sign up and download the app. If you complete the initial survey successfully, however, you’ll get to add yet another monetization opportunity to your portfolio.

Once approved, you can download the SmartPanel app and earn rewards. There are monthly rewards and loyalty bonuses – the details of the system are provided on the SmartPanel homepage.

Keep in mind that the number of people applying to join SmartPanel is high. Hence, there will be periods during which new applications aren’t required.

You can check if SmartPanel is open for new registrations here.


Desktop, Android and iOS versions of Ibotta are available for you to try and earn some money when you shop for everyday items you need.

Ibotta is a coupon and cashback website. Hence, it’s not making you money per se. if you use it to spend on things that you don’t really need, it’s not going to be a good income generation choice.

Shopping for necessities through Ibotta, however, will return some cash you can put towards an investment or your savings.

To use Ibotta, you need a PayPal or a Venmo account. Alternatively, you can turn your cashback in gift cards.

To start earning, you have to visit the platform’s offers section. There, you will see the products in the program and the amount you can get back for each of the purchases. Apart from getting cashback, you can also complete simple tasks via the platform to earn more.

Credit for successful purchases and task completions is provided within 48 hours. Once you earn 20 dollars in your account, you’re free to redeem the sum. If you want a gift card, you will need to amass 25 dollars in your account for some of the offers.

To download Ibotta for an Android device, click here.

Follow this link to download Ibotta for an iOS device.


Our list of the best money making apps continues with Drop – a cash rewards program that has numerous partners.

Some of the brands featured in the Drop program include GAP, Zara, Uber, H&M, Safeway, Best Buy, Trader’s Joe, Forever 21, Whole Foods, Costco, Nike, Jet and many others.

Once again, your everyday purchases can result in cash rewards.

Each time you do shopping, whether for groceries or clothes, you will earn points. Upon the collection of a certain amount, you can redeem your Drop points in the form of a gift card.

When you collect 1,000 Drop points, you can turn them in one dollar. Not a massive sum but the amounts can quickly add up.

Drop has both Android and iOS apps.

To get started, click here and create your Drop account.


Viggle allows you to earn points when you watch TV and score bonus points through one of the additional task opportunities. There are games you can play for additional monetization.

The manner in which Viggle works is pretty interesting – you can watch TV or do a live stream while the app is turned on. It will “catch” the audio and give you reward points on the basis of the show that you’re watching.

You can choose a gift card or a cash sum that you can redeem with a special Perk Plastik prepaid card.

There have been some complaints about Viggle increasing the number of points you have to collect before you can cash out or get a gift card. Still, signing up is free and you’re not going to lose anything by giving the Viggle app a try.

Download Viggle here.


Do you want to be a mystery shopper and earn cash for that? Mobee is an app that gives you such an opportunity.

When you download Mobee, you’ll be provided with location-based missions. You will need to get to the location and access the app. There will be various questions you’ll be asked and upon the completion of these inquiries, you’ll be given reward points.

Most often, you’ll have to shop at specific venues in order to complete a mission and score Mobee points.

Mobee also features a reward system that provides additional monetization opportunities.

The Mobee points you collect can be turned into gift cards. While this isn’t cold, hard cash, you can still get stuff for free. There are Amazon, Target, Starbucks gift cards and various other ways to redeem your prizes.

Join Mobee, complete local tasks and get gift cards.

Final Verdict

You can make money with apps but you have to be careful and selective.

Money making apps are very different and in some instances, it’s simply not worth completing tasks for insignificant payments, discount coupons or gift cards you’re never going to use.

Don’t be fooled by advertising – marketers want you to subscribe for the service or the platform. Hence, promotional messages can be quite misleading. Always do your research and take your time to add the right apps to your mobile money making portfolio.

If you’re looking for passive income generation, I may have a much better collection of opportunities for you.

You can also learn about building an online business and making money online in my ebook.

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