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Violet Farah is a journalist and copywriter with more than eight years of experience in the niche of web content creation. She has been writing about how to make money online since the beginning of 2014.

She started working at the Sofia Echo – a Bulgarian newspaper addressing the needs of the expat community in the country. Violet was editorial director responsible for the Sofia Echo website – www.sofiaecho.com. This is when she began learning the basics of web content planning, website optimization and marketing.

Violet has worked for various other media, including the Bulgarian edition of BusinessWeek.

In 2013, she founded her own company – Phoenix Digital Solutions. The company helps clients come up with their web content and internet marketing strategies. It also handles SEO and reputation establishment. Violet uses her experience in the online realm to write books and help others achieve the same level of independence. Making money online has become easier than ever before. The process requires a little bit of know-how, a little bit of research and a tiny pinch of luck.


4 Comments on “About the Author”

  1. Hey Violet,

    I read your post on writing mills and wanted to seek your advice.

    I started writing professionally a year ago and I am still dependent on writing mills, was wondering if you could offer some advice on blogging, SEO, etc.

    Similarly, I have worked with NAA but the payout is terribly delayed and I got bills to pay. I am thinking of transitioning towards writing without content mills. I tried setting up an Upwork profile multiple times but they have rejected me time and again.

    I am feeling quite dejected at this point.

  2. Hi Laurenzo!
    I really, really get where you’re coming from.
    NAA really went downhill some time ago and I no longer work for them. Upwork can be a challenge because they’ve changed the rules of the game and they’ve limited the types of profiles and the number of people who can apply to each category.

    I’ve gotten multiple gigs through alternative platforms like Guru.com and People per Hour. I think these really are worth a try because they’re smaller and the competition isn’t as intense as in the case of Freelancer.com for example.

    Also, LinkedIn can be a pretty good source of gigs – do check out opportunities there and be active.

    Let me know if I could be helpful in any other way and good luck!

  3. Hi Violet.
    You mentioned in one of your posts you were going to write an article on
    Drop shipping and I was wondering how that is coming along because I am
    interested in this business model and what to know what you think of this
    type of business.

    1. Hi Stephen!
      Yes, I’m working on it!
      Have been quite busy with my day job lately but I plan to resume my blog posting weekly schedule soon.

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