Amazon eBook Marketing Tips and Tricks: How to Start Your Writing Career

Amazon eBook Marketing Tips

As promised in my previous post about ebook writing, I will share some of the best tips and ideas for Amazon ebook marketing. Let us start with Amazon because the website provides beginners in the niche with some wonderful promotional tools. You can certainly try selling your ebook elsewhere but large platforms will give you access to the right kind of audience.

Try KDP Select

If you are a beginner in the Amazon ebook marketing niche, I strongly suggest trying the KDP Select program.

KDP Select is an optional possibility that gives you access to a few tools that are not available to other Amazon writers. In order to join the program, you have to publish your book exclusively through Amazon. The duration of the program is 90 days.

While participating in KDP Select, you will benefit from inclusion in Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and you will get paid each time someone “borrows” a copy of your book. The share of fund you get is entirely dependent on the number of time your ebook gets borrowed.

There are two other promo tools that KDP Select will give you access to – the free book promotion and the Kindle Countdown Deal.

The free book promotion, as its name suggests, enables you to make your Amazon ebook free for download for up to five days during your KDP Select participation. Kindle Countdown Deal enables you to reduce the original price of your book. Buyers will see the original price and the reduced price. The decrease needs to be at least one dollar and your original book price should be anywhere between 2.99 and 24.99 dollars for participation in the program.

You are probably wondering why you should consider making your Amazon ebook free or available at a discounted price. After all, your idea is to make money through writing, correct? There are several key reasons to choose such an approach:

  • You will get reviews, which is essential in terms of book marketing.
  • You will get a big number of people familiar with your work, especially if you are just getting started.
  • You will create some momentum that will possibly carry on after the end of the promotion.
  • You will analyze buyer behavior to figure out which approach delivers the best results.

When it comes to Amazon, books that have no reviews are much more difficult to sell. This is why you need to make people download your work and write reviews about it. Other buyers are looking at book ratings and they rely on such information to make purchases.

Start Your Website or Blog

If you are serious about writing Amazon ebooks, you will have to build a website or a blog sooner or later.

Sensible online presence is the key to reaching a larger target audience. You can use your blogs to direct readers towards your Amazon page and you can build your reputation inside the particular niche.

Starting a blog or a website is far less challenging than you think it is. Writing quality content is much more important than having great design. There are many inexpensive templates you can try, if you need to build your website on a small budget. Just do content planning in advance and update on a regular basis.

Amazon eBook Writing and Social Media Marketing

Have you created a Google+, Facebook and Twitter profile dedicated to your ebook writing efforts? Build those before publishing your book, in order to establish some kind of audience. Once your work goes live, you will have somebody to promote it to.

Social media marketing is relatively simple but it requires consistent effort. Make sure you upload something new and interesting on a regular basis. Give your audience something fun and exciting. Interact with it and answer the questions that people have. The more approachable and competent you are, the higher the chances of making money through ebook publishing become.

Goodreads is probably the most important social network for writers. Look for your book on Goodreads and claim it after publishing. The social network enables you to create a really attractive writer profile and to interact with the numerous members.

Write Other Amazon eBooks

Using your own books to do self-promotion is one of the most important rules of self-publishing.

Begin thinking about a second title immediately after you complete the first one. Writing books within the same topic will be great for establishing your authority in the particular topic. You will also get to add links to your other books in the ones you are just getting published.

Take a look at the ebooks you are currently reading. Most of them contain links to other titles in the end of the file. This is why ebook publishing is so great – readers can download another one of your works immediately after completing one of your ebooks.

Establishing your market position will require time. Remember that hundreds of other Amazon ebook writers are trying to do the same. Be patient and work hard. Keep on writing and publishing books. Develop your website and grow your social networking audience. Even if it takes you time, you will notice that the revenue will start to grow.

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