Making Money Online: The Best Ad Networks for Bloggers and Other Opportunities

Making Money Online: The Best Ad Networks for Bloggers and Other Opportunities

Being passionate about a particular topic, you are certainly thinking about creating a blog or a website about it (or maybe you already have one)! Writing about something you love gives you the amazing opportunity to express yourself and to make money online at the same time. One of the best possibilities that you can try involves ad networks for bloggers.

These networks usually feature cost per click (CPC) advertising opportunities or affiliate marketing. Both of these can be monetized and they can help you make some extra cash through blogging.

I have tried several ad networks for bloggers and I have my opinion (and monetization evidence) about each one. Here is a list of the ones I found best, as well as a few additional possibilities to make money with a blog or a website.

Google Adsense

If we need to start with the mother of all ad networks for bloggers and website owners, Google Adsense will be it! Already used by two million publishers, Google Adsense is the most popular network till present day and its influence is growing.

Monetizing via Google Adsense gives you the chance to enjoy numerous great benefits. The revenue generation is the first and the most obvious one. In comparison to other CPC networks, Adsense could be providing some really competitive remuneration options. The ads are contextual, which increases targeting.

Adsense gives design opportunities so that you can blend the ad squares in your website design or you can make those stand out. Finally, you have detailed analytics, if you wish to track performance and do something about increasing the monetization potential of your website.

On the downside, the application process could be sluggish. Websites need to be at least six months old to be considered for approval. In some countries, you will need to go through company registration before becoming capable of earning money through Adsense.


InfoLinks is another CPC network that features in-text advertising. Instead of having banners and text ads, you will have phrases in your blog posts leading to a particular advertisement. You get paid each time someone clicks on these links.

InfoLinks impressed with the simplicity of the advertising. The text links are targeted and contextual. People are already used to advertising banners and they tend to ignore those. Using in-text ads could be a great option for getting the audience interested.

The network has one great advantage – there are plugins designed for the most popular blog platforms, which simplifies the task of adding the commercials. The ad design can be tweaked and the links will appear in a particular color that fits inside the overall design.

InfoLinks features among the ad networks for bloggers that are suitable for sites having good traffic. Some bloggers are capable of making decent income through this opportunity. The problem with the network is that the link targeting is sometimes questionable. Often, there will be links to Facebook, which does very little in terms of targeting.


YesAdvertising is another simple to use and interesting opportunity for blog owners. This is one of the ad networks for bloggers that accept even new projects having relatively little traffic. If you are just getting started and you want to try an Adsense alternative, YesAdvertising may be a good option for you.

The network accepts bloggers from all countries and it has a range of marketing possibilities. There are traditional CPC campaigns, as well as payments for other kinds of conversions. You will get paid when someone downloads a digital product, makes a purchase or fills-in a survey.

The payments vary from several cents per click to several hundred dollars for a purchase that occurred through your website. The problem is that you will get paid solely if the conversion comes from a country that the advertiser is interested in.

You can choose among different banner sizes and designs. Each ad spot can feature more than one campaign. The monetization potential is limited, if you have little traffic but it is still some kind of start.


Bidvertiser attracts many blog owners that have been banned from AdSense. The payment is relatively limited, especially if your website or blog is still new, but the approval process is quick and most projects will get accepted.

All that you need to do is install HTML code to your website. Bidvertiser allows you to display slider and pop-under ads. These bring more revenue in but they may be annoying to some website visitors. Be careful about the selection of such opportunities because you may potentially alienate your audience.

Tips for Making the Most of Ad Networks for Bloggers

Applying for acceptance in a particular ad network or another is relatively simple but many bloggers fail seeing any results. What does it take to start making money this way? Your blog will need to be:

  • Well-developed and relatively specialized
  • Properly marketed through social networks
  • Properly optimized
  • Updated on a regular basis
  • Considered the authority inside a particular field

A focus on high quality, unique and niche content will help you achieve all of these goals. Work on creating a valuable source of information before you start thinking about advertising and online monetization opportunities.

Once you get to a high volume of traffic, you may even start thinking about alternatives to the ad networks for bloggers. Many direct advertisers will potentially contact you and look for partnerships. These will be much better paid and they will help you take the online project to the next level. In order to benefit from such opportunities, however, you will have to work hard on the creation of very specialized content. Nobody will be willing to pay for ads on your online diary!

Do you need assistance to get started? Are you wondering about the best ad networks for bloggers? The book How to Make Money Online: The Secrets of Starting Your Own Web-Based Business can help. It contains practical information about making money through a blog or a website and executing this kind of project like a pro. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.




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