17 Legit Work from Home Online Jobs to Try in 2019

17 Legit Work from Home Online Jobs to Try in 2019

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Making the switch to the work from home lifestyle isn’t always easy but for those committed enough, the outcome can be incredibly rewarding.

Building a career on your own and from the comfort of your home will give you the chance to focus on your strengths, be your own boss and eventually – earn a pretty solid income. For the purpose, you will have to select the right niche and you’ll also have to put some hard work into building your reputation.

You will also have to identify reliable job opportunities.

As the work from home niche has grown exponentially, so has the number of scams.

Looking for legit work from home online jobs isn’t always simple. There are many websites, offers and job adds that turn out to be quite different from what’s being promised. Based on my experience, I’ve decided to put together a list of opportunities you can trust. These jobs that you can work from home online are focused in different fields, providing monetization chances for people with a vast range of interests and skills.

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most readily accessible work from home online jobs. If you have some experience or talent with words, you should definitely pursue this one.

According to an interesting survey carried out in 2017, the average freelance writer works approximately 20 hours per week and earns 10,000 dollars or less per year. Of the people questioned, 83.24 percent responded that they expect to continue writing for five or more years.

Another survey took a look at the hourly earnings of freelance writers, a much more accurate representation of this online job’s monetization potential. The results suggest that 44 percent of freelance writers earn 15 to 45 dollars per hour. Of all freelancers surveyed, 28 percent reported that they earn over 45 dollars per hour.

The downside of this field is that it has become quite popular lately. As a result, the competition is pretty intense.

If you are prepared to work your way up, there are many possibilities for finding freelance writing gigs.

Take a look at this guide for some of the best writing gigs for newcomers in the field.

If you don’t want to utilize the so-called content mills, here’s how to find clients on your own.

2. Data Entry Jobs

If you’re looking for online work from home jobs without investment, this is a definite opportunity to pursue.

Data entry jobs are suitable as a part-time occupation. The best aspect of this online occupation is that it doesn’t require an awful lot of professional skills.

Work from home online jobs that focus on data entry can specialize in a few fields – typing, filling out survey forms, copy and paste projects, form filing, image to text conversions, etc.

Medical transcription creation and formatting are a bit more specialized but these also fall in the field of data entry.

Keep in mind that data entry jobs are so popular that they’ve become the focus of multiple work from home online jobs scams.

MicroWorkers is one of the platforms offering legitimate data entry jobs. Clickworker is another good platform. While I personally do not like or recommend Fiverr (find out more in this review), it may be a good choice for the discovery of small gigs.

3.Online Education and Tutoring Jobs

Chances are you possess skills that others would like to acquire.

Tutoring jobs are an excellent online opportunity for part-time occupation. If you’re good enough in the respective field, you can easily start interactions with a sufficiently big number of students to earn a solid income.

Some of the opportunities out there will necessitate you to have a teaching certificate. Other tutoring opportunities, however, can be joined by just about anyone.

Multiple platforms are available for those who want to earn money through tutoring.

TutorRoom is one of the most prominent websites in the field. You can also search for tutoring jobs on TutorMe and Wyzant.

4. Dropshipping

As far as the best work from home jobs online go, dropshipping will have to be included among the best possibilities.

In the case of dropshipping, you use a platform like Shopify to ship products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer who has placed an order.

You are not manufacturing or buying the products. You don’t need to handle inventory and storage. In a sense, you’re an intermediary who handles the sales side of things without having to handle products themselves.

The power of dropshipping shouldn’t be underestimated. If you have some basic understanding of sales and marketing, you will get to earn enough from this work from home online job.

The good news is that you can rely on an array of dropshipping marketplaces to get started.

AliExpress and Dropship Direct are two excellent choices. Both of them feature a wide array of projects, meaning you can focus on a niche of interest, a niche that you believe to be profitable.

5. Social Media Marketing and Management Jobs

Marketing-savvy individuals can pursue online jobs in the field of social media marketing and profile management.

In this case, clients will be paying you to handle their social media profiles. You’ll be responsible for content creation, publications, interactions with the audience and discussion moderation.

While social media marketing is something you can definitely learn, it’s best to acquire some experience before pursuing such online jobs. You can master social media marketing by launching your own website or blog and dealing with the promotion on your own.

You can look for social media marketing jobs in marketplaces like Upwork and Fresh Gigs.

Fresh Gigs is best suited to the needs of US job seekers and it offers thousands of curated opportunities.

6. Virtual Assistant

The need for virtual assistants is growing. According to some, hiring a virtual assistant is the best choice entrepreneurs have in terms of sustainable development with a strategic focus.

Things are to get even better in the future. Forecasts suggest that the number of people who will be using virtual assistants is going to reach 1.8 billion by 2021. The size of the virtual assistant market will grow from 5.21 billion dollars in 2018 to 15.79 billion dollars in 2021.

Upwork is once again a good platform to test out if you want to find virtual assistant jobs. Local businesses may also be looking for remote professionals to handle administrative tasks. LinkedIn can make it easier for you to connect with such businesses.

it’s easy to become a virtual assistant because these professionals handle a number of organizational and communication tasks you can master easily. Depending on the type of job and the client’s requirements, you can earn 15+ dollars per hour by being a virtual assistant.

7. Work at Home Insurance Jobs

Home-based insurance job opportunities are also available in the online realm.

One of the ways to get established in this field is to specialize yourself as an agent in a particular field – medical, life, auto insurance, etc. Once you do, you’ll have to build a relationship with insurance agencies to develop a portfolio of services to offer to your clients.

Insurance project management and IT solutions are also sought by insurance companies.

Portals like Indeed.com have an extensive range of virtual insurance jobs you can apply to.

8. Become a Social Media Influencer

Work from home online jobs can enter a number of new realms. Being an online influencer is one such opportunity.

Social media influencers can earn massive income, especially if they have a large following and they can guarantee serious reach to a brand.

People who have a massive following on platforms like Facebook or Instagram are changing the rules of the marketing game.

Statistics show that 70 percent of teenagers trust their favorite social media influencers much more than celebrities. Of all consumers, 49 percent depend on influencer recommendations.

While the potential for winning gigs and making a lot of money is huge, you will have to work hard on building your profile and your audience. There are many guides you can use to learn what it takes to become a social media influencer. HubSpot has put together a pretty impressive guide.

Once you establish your presence, you can join opportunities like the Amazon Influencers program to start earning.

9. Full-Time Blogger

When exploring work from home online jobs, you’ll probably think that being a blogger doesn’t qualify as such a possibility.

You’re wrong!

Bloggers, especially those who have identified the right niche, can make a lot of money. In fact, there are examples of people who earn thousands of dollars from their blog and who eventually end up selling the online platform for millions.

Making money as a blogger is not going to be easy. Even if you manage to become a one-hit-wonder with a popular post, you’ll consistently need to put effort into developing the platform even further.

In the very beginning, you’re not going to earn a lot with a blog. Featuring ads on it may give you a couple of bucks but unless you build your traffic, this possibility isn’t sustainable.

As your blog grows, you can start featuring affiliate links, you can sell products or publish paid content. Just hang in there, conceptualize great content and monetization will occur sooner or later.

10. Sell Photography Online

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you can find great jobs that you can work from home online.

The simplest opportunity involves selling your creations to image banks.

Depending on the image bank terms and conditions, photographers earn commissions ranging between 15 and 45 percent of the picture’s sale price. Apart from being a great online job, this one will eventually turn into an opportunity that results in the creation of passive income.

Work hard to develop a sufficiently large portfolio of images. The more pictures you have to offer to potential clients, the easier it will be to generate sales. It’s also a good idea to learn a bit about marketing and growing the popularity of your online brand.

11. Ebook Publisher

One ebook can earn you a bit of nice passive income.

Work from home online jobs, however, are concerned with giving you a sufficient monthly or annual income.

To accomplish such a goal, you will need to build an entire portfolio of ebooks. If you can put together a new title each month and sell it online, chances are that you’ll soon be generating a solid income this way.

You can easily learn how to write an ebook and once you’ve created a few of those, your skills will improve even further.

A few of the challenges to keep in mind include the intense competition you’ll be facing, the lack of an original enough idea and the struggle to identify a profitable niche. You will have to do market research and fine-tune concepts on this basis.

I’ve personally tested out ebook writing and it can generate a bit of great passive income if you’re not putting a lot of work into the marketing of your creations. If you turn this in a full-time occupation and you’re committed to popularizing your ebooks, you can make an even bigger amount every single month.

For the best possible results, it’s important to rely on multiple marketplaces for the sale of your creations (and to also put together an extensive portfolio of books).

Kindle Direct Publishing is a must try because it will give you access to one of the biggest ebook marketplaces in the world. In order to reach other platform, I rely on a publishing service called Draft2Digital.

When you upload your book to Draft2Digital, it will be distributed to all of the marketplaces that you’re interested in. Some of the sale opportunities include Apple Books, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Bibliotheca, Tolino and Playster. Draft2Digital also allows for print publication publishing, as well as the creation of an audiobook.

Since Draft2Digital withholds a commission from each sale, it’s crucial to price your ebook correctly if you opt for the service.

You can sign up for Draft2Digital here and learn a bit more about the terms of service provision.

12. Become a Virtual Amazon Employee

Legitimate work from home online jobs are made available by some of the biggest corporate giants out there. Amazon is one of them.

Amazon offers a number of virtual jobs to those who are interested. All of the listings are available via the Amazon Jobs platform.

Currently, Amazon Jobs features a few interesting opportunities like a digital devices associate, tech support assistants, environmental managers and data architects. The requirements for each are presented in detail. Some of the jobs are hybrid and a location may be pointed out.

13. Chat and Customer Support Agent

The number of companies outsourcing customer support and looking for remote workers to handle such jobs is growing.

Chat support agents will usually be responsible for customer chat on a specific website (or a few of those).

Websites like The Chat Shop feature legitimate customer support jobs.

The pay for this kind of occupation is approximately 10 dollars for hour. If you are looking for a part-time opportunity or you want to dedicate a few hours per day to a non-demanding occupation, this would be the one to pursue.

14. Online Translator

Anyone who is bilingual can find an online translation job. If you know a difficult and exotic language, that would be even better – the pay is going to be higher.

Just like data entry jobs, multiple online translation opportunities turn out to be scams. Be careful about the selection of the right platforms and the right jobs. If you’re interacting with clients without an intermediary, always demand a certain amount of advance pay to make sure you’ll be receiving your compensation after finalizing the project.

You can find numerous online translation jobs on websites like Upwork.

WorldLingo is another excellent opportunity. Rev also features a good selection of legitimate transcription opportunities.

Do you want to turn your art or hobby into a career? You can easily start an Etsy shop. Online work from home jobs without investment like this one are an ideal alternative to launching your own store.

15. Start an Etsy Store

Etsy is a shop for handmade, vintage and unique items. From paintings to knit work and jewelry, you can sell all of your creations online.

You don’t need to start an ecommerce website, worry about its maintenance and development. Etsy gives you everything you need to make the first steps in the realm. If you soon find out that the possibility is a profitable one, you can move on to taking your business out of Etsy.

An Etsy store will have to be marketed so that you can build your clientele. Thus, I’m once again suggesting investing in a marketing course or book. The competition is going to be intense and if you rely on luck alone, you’re not going to accomplish a lot.

16. Virtual Recruiter

Anyone who has some HR experience can attempt to establish a virtual recruiter’s career.

Virtual recruiters are somewhat similar to virtual assistants. They enable companies to outsource the hiring and staffing aspects of their job.

Upwork features many job ads for recruitment professionals. You can also attempt to identify profitable opportunities via LinkedIn.

17. Work for Xerox

The Xerox Virtual Office program is similar to what Amazon has to offer.

Xerox offers a wide range of remote and web-based employment options. The career opportunities include tech support professions, systems development, administrative work, customer support, image tagging, data entry and quality control positions.

The pay will depend on the specifics of the job. Requirements for applicants will also be diversified. Some of the positions necessitate advanced knowledge and a university diploma in a specific field.

You can easily review the Xerox Virtual Office listings by enabling the filter (more instructions are available on the Xerox website). New jobs become available often, which is why you may want to check back with the website every now and then.

Bonus Tips: Do Online Surveys for Cash

Dedicating 30 minutes per day to doing online surveys can help you supplement the income you earn from work from home online jobs.

Paid survey websites are looking for members having specific demographic profiles. If you belong to a group of interest, you’ll be invited to do a survey and you’ll be financially rewarded for your participation. It’s relatively easy to make five to 10 dollars per day from paid survey websites. Some people earn even more and this is considered an easy cash option.

The paid survey platforms aren’t created equal. To enjoy the best possible monetization opportunities, you have to choose the right websites.

Inbox Dollars is an excellent choice for beginners. The first cool feature you’ll benefit from is that you get a five-dollar bonus for signing up. There are also several ways to earn money apart from doing surveys. Inbox Dollars features videos, games you can play, paid email reading and even shopping for some additional cash.

When you join Inbox Dollars and complete tasks, you will earn cash and not gift cards. You can easily withdraw the sum you’ve earned and spend it on anything you like. Inbox Dollars also has a referral program that you can rely on for the generation of some additional cash.

Create your Inbox Dollars account and earn a five-dollar bonus.

Survey Junkie is another established player in the field.

Unlike the previous entry, it features solely paid surveys. The website has been around for some time, it has numerous customers, which means that the range of available surveys is big enough.

Sign up today and start making money on Survey Junkie.

Finally, consider the addition of SwagBucks to your paid survey website collection.

SwagBucks accepts members from many countries and it also provides a five-dollar sign-up bonus. You will earn a specific number of points for each survey you complete and these points can next be turned into cash.

Join SwagBucks and earn a five-dollar bonus.

There are many other legit work from home online jobs to pursue in 2019. The 17 suggestions above are just a few ideas that I’ve either researched or tried on my own. If you have some experience with the platforms mentioned above or you have another type of online work, please don’t hesitate to share the information with me in the comments bellow.

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