13 Websites That Pay You 50+ Dollars to Write (A 2019 List)

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As a writer looking for ways to make money online, you can adopt a number of approaches. Building a website to monetize is one of the great options to try. You can join websites that pay writers who create content for their clients (the so-called content mills). It’s also possible to make money writing without a website.

Various portals out there accept paid submissions.

The payments are usually very good and they go way above what content mills offer their writers.

There’s a catch here, however. Your idea and your content will have to be approved for submission. Thus, you may write a piece for a specific online magazine that doesn’t get accepted or monetized.

This is a risk you’ll have to accept if you choose to approach websites that pay you to write. The good news is that once you find a platform willing to accept your work, you can easily build a long-lasting relationship that will generate income time and time again.

If you’re looking for the best websites that pay you for articles, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of numerous true and tested opportunities that will monetize your writing, even if you don’t have a website or an extensive range of freelance clients.

Can You Make a Living with Websites That Pay You to Write?

The short answer to this question is yes!

The long answer depends on your efforts, the amount of time you dedicate per day to the creation of such content and the income you want to achieve.

The types of publications you contribute to will also determine the income generation potential. Unfortunately, various publications and websites that pay for articles do not list their rates. These are discussed privately with people whose submissions have been accepted.

You can benefit from opportunities like Who Pays Writers.

Who Pays Writers is an anonymously created database that lists the rates of different publications and websites paying writers for their submissions. Based on the information available there, you can make anywhere between 0.1 and one dollar per word! Currently, the list features two opportunities that pay one dollar per word and most freelance writers will tell you that the rate is pretty solid in comparison to what clients and content mills offer most of the time.

Statistics show that most writers receive less than 0.25 dollars per word. Several factors have contributed to the phenomenon – global competition and the growing number of freelance writers are two of the primary factors.

Thus, if you want to escape from this bleak reality, you should consider online publications willing to pay more.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to identify the right websites that pay you money.

Thus, it will be a good idea to combine the approach with another income generation option. Eventually, however, you’ll have your breakthrough. Once this happens, you’ll find it a lot easier to maintain the momentum.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the websites that pay you to write.

WOW – Women on Writing (50 to 75 Dollars Per Article)

Writing-Related Topics

This is a cool opportunity to begin with. Women on Writing needs submissions in the 1,000 to 3,000-word range. Payments are discussed with the specific author but most of them average anywhere between 50 and 75 dollars per article.

When writing for this website, you’ll be transferring the rights to the article indefinitely.

The good news is that you don’t have to write a text and submit it for eventual approval. You will first submit a pitch to the WOW team and if the idea is good, you’ll hear back from them. The topic is obvious from the name of the website and you can get a better idea about the accepted submissions by going through the WOW articles.

Cooking Detective (50 to 250 Dollars Per Article)

Cooking, Meal Prep and Nutrition

If you like cooking, meal prep and nutrition topics, try the Cooking Detective.

The range of articles accepted is pretty massive – how-to guides, recipes, cooking articles, courses, cooking product reviews, expert interviews, nutrition tips, fitness guides and many others.

Writing guidelines are available but they’re not particularly strict or troublesome. Once again, you submit the idea first and if the Cooking Detective team likes it, you start creating the content.

Payments vary from 50 dollars for a simple article to 250 dollars for an extensive guide.

B. Michelle Pippin (50 to 150 Dollars Per Article)

Business and Management

The list of websites that pay you money continues with this opportunity.

Michelle is the founder and CEO of Women Who WOW – an online female entrepreneurship alliance. Hence, her blog discusses leadership, business and entrepreneurship topics.

In order to be approved for publication, you will need to be a good writer and you’re also required to have sufficient business experience. The blog focuses on real-world experience rather than generic articles and freelance writers without a business background should probably refrain from applying.

To be considered, you have to send a pitch that presents both your idea and your area of expertise.

If your article is approved and published, you’ll get paid the next month via PayPal.

To ensure success on such demanding platforms, you’ll have to make sure your article is the best it can be.

Tools like Grammarly are an absolute essential for all writers. Grammarly is available free of charge and there’s also a Chrome extension you can rely on. Alternatively, you can sign up for a paid plan that comes with an extensive range of additional functionalities.

Give Grammarly a try today.

Alaska Beyond Magazine (150 to 700 Dollars Per Article)

The Official Alaska Airlines Magazine That Covers Numerous Topics

If you are interested in a seriously massive monetization opportunity, this one would be it.

With such pay rates, the vetting process is going to be much more extensive. Chances are that your submission isn’t going to make it but the opportunity’s magnitude justifies all efforts.

Keep in mind this isn’t an isolated occurrence of such high pay rates. Various websites that pay you to write are willing to invest in experience and quality. Hence, don’t be afraid to research possibilities until you discover niche journals right up your alley.

The monthly Alaska Airlines magazine covers business, travel, community developments, sports, technology and even humorous events.

Writers approved for an assignment will get a written contract. It will highlight the payment amount – 150 dollars for a short article, 500 dollars for a 1,600-word column and 700 dollars for features ranging in length from 2,000 to 2,500 words. Features, however, are available on assignment-only basis.

Cracked.com (100 dollars Per Article and Up)

Humor and Entertainment

Writing funny texts isn’t an easy task but if you can, the skill can be monetized.

Cracked.com features among the best websites that pay you to write.

The process is somewhat different – you don’t make a pitch via email, you have to join the Cracked writer forum. This is where you’ll learn more about the requirements and you’ll also get to submit an idea for approval.

The starting payment is 100 dollars per text but it can potentially increase if you form a long-term relationship with the Cracked team.

Wanderlust (220 Pounds or 287 US Dollars)


Wanderlust is a UK-based travel online journal and while it has a lengthy set of requirements for guest submissions, chances are that you’ll enjoy the opportunity if you’re passionate about going to different places.

Currently, Wanderlust offers published authors a payment of 220 pounds per 1,000 words. There’s a second opportunity known as a fact page. The text is 750 words and the payment is 90 UK pounds.

Some of the content types Wanderlust publishes include destination feature pieces, trip planning articles, round-up features, dispatches, advice articles and various types of pocket guides (first 24 hours in…, short break, British break, etc.).

You will once again need to pitch an idea and the team will get back to you if your concept fits Wanderlust stylistically and thematically.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies (900 Dollars Per Text)

Literary Adventure Fantasy Stories

Is fiction your thing? Luckily, creative writing can pay off because there are various websites that pay you to write in the field.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies is a great choice for those who can create literary adventure fantasy stories.

The website has detailed guidelines concerning the quality of submissions and the types of texts being published.

There’s a minimum length requirement of 15,000 words per piece. The website pays six cents per word, which adds up to 900 dollars for a published short story. One of the portal’s best aspects is that it does accept submissions from people who have never been published in the past.

You can use this opportunity to practice, win some money and eventually get on the road to creating your own ebook.

Clarkesworld Magazine (100 Dollars and Up)

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Clarkesworld is a fantasy and science fiction magazine that accepts both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Fiction texts can be both science fiction and fantasy-based. The magazine doesn’t usually accept topics deemed a bit more clichéd in the field – zombies, sexy vampire stories (honestly, the world has seen way too many of those), political stories, humorous texts and stories about violent crimes.

As far as non-fiction goes, you need to craft a text that science fiction fans will find useful.

Payments start at 10 cents per word for both fiction and non-fiction texts. There’s a word limit in the range from 1,000 to 22,000 dollars. The payment is eight cents for each word over 8,000.

The Sun Magazine (100 Dollars and Up)

Non-Fiction, Fiction and Poetry

Websites that pay you to write poetry are very few and far in between. The Sun Magazine has such an opportunity and you’ll get 100 dollars per poem.

Personal writing is favored in this journal and you can also come up with provocative texts, political commentary and articles about cultural issues. Payment starts from 300 dollars for non-fiction texts and 300 dollars for fiction. Depending on the text length the payout could reach up to 2,000 dollars per piece.

Because of these features, The Sun ranks among the best websites that pay you money.

One good aspect here is that the magazine purchases a one-time right. All of the other rights revert to the author upon publication.

The bad news is that you apply with a finished text instead of an article pitch. Still, the payments are great and you may want to give The Sun a try.

Make sure that your texts are stellar before submission. Grammarly can help you enhance your guest post.

MotorHome Magazine (50 to 900 Dollars Per Article)

Travel, Tech and Lifestyle

The MotorHome magazine has a pretty obvious theme but it does accept a wide range of submissions.

If you live RVs, the RV lifestyle, traveling and being on the road, this is the money-making opportunity for you.

The publishing guidelines are pretty expensive and most types of articles will also necessitate the submission of photographs. You can submit travel pieces, technical articles, lifestyle texts and manuscripts.

Payments vary per text type. Major travel articles are among the best paid ones – 500 to 700 dollars. A technical article can land you up to 900 dollars (especially if you have profound RV knowledge). DIY articles are paid 400 to 600 dollars and simple ½ page texts come at 100 dollars.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Online (100 Dollars Per Article)

Personal Essays

Who doesn’t know what Cosmopolitan is? The famous magazine’s website accepts guest publications and the payment is 100 dollars per 800 words.

Currently, Cosmopolitan is accepting essays about memorable college experiences. The types of contributions, however, change.

Once again, you are submitting an essay and not a pitch. Thus, publication isn’t guaranteed.

IncomeDiary (Up to 200 Dollars)

Making Money Online

Websites that pay you to write about making money online – what could be better?

IncomeDiary accepts submissions about website development, marketing, online money making strategies and driving traffic to a website.

The specific sum being paid to writers isn’t mentioned. When submitting a text, you have to provide some information about your usual fee. Based on this number, IncomeDiary will make you an offer (if they like the quality of the text, of course).

Articles that get published will give you a bi-line, which can be great for growing a portfolio and getting your name out there.

WP Hub (100 to 200 Dollars Per Article)


If you have your own website, you’re a developer or you have some experience with WordPress, consider WP Hub. It’s one of the blogging websites that pay you to create WordPress guides and informative articles.

You can cover various topics like web design, WordPress trends, top-selling themes, useful plugins, coding best practices, etc. Theme and plugin reviews aren’t accepted. Articles need to be 800 to 1,200-word-long. Payments vary from 100 to 200 dollars.

Making the Most of Websites That Pay You to Write

In order to benefit extensively from websites that pay you to write, you have to do two things.

The first one is pitch numerous ideas to different online publications.

The second essential is identify topics that you’re passionate about. Having knowledge and passion about the topic will make it easier for you to put together quality articles that will get accepted.

Don’t forget to check the quality of your texts before submission – Grammarly can help you accomplish the goal for free.

Turn paid article submission into a part of a hybrid approach. Develop your website or blog while you’re pitching article ideas. Monetizing your writing skills in several different ways is essential for the generation of sufficient online revenue. As you experiment more with various opportunities, you’ll get to pinpoint the ones delivering the best results.

Starting your own website or blog isn’t difficult and you shouldn’t ignore the option because of the lack of experience.

You can design your own website through access to the right tools.

FatCow makes such tools readily available. You can currently sign up for a hosting package available at 3.15 dollars per month. You’ll get a free domain name, website builder and shopping cart.

Sign up for FatCow hosting now to get additional bonus features like 100-dollars worth of AdWords credit.

As a writer, you possess important online money making skills.

Don’t waste your time on opportunities that pay little. There are many potential business partners that will ensure your financial independence. Do your research, focus on your strengths and work on solid pitches. Finally, remember that you need to keep on going even if your ideas are rejected in the beginning. You’ll soon find the right publication opportunity to build your writing career.

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