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Creative Ways to Find Freelance Work

Creative Ways to Find Freelance Work: Six Tested Approaches that Really Work

Is it easy to find freelance work? The initial motivation will produce an adrenaline rush that will make you feel sky is the limit. Once the euphoria wears off, however, you will find it a bit more challenging to get started. Most freelancers follow the same path and rely on websites like Odesk to discover clients. There is nothing wrong with the approach and Odesk can deliver amazing results. Relying on a single option, however, will be far from

Using Social Media to Find a Job: Mission Possible?

Using Social Media to Find a Job: Mission Possible?

Online communication – everybody knows the rules of the games. Some people are heavily dependent on social networking, instant messaging and email communication. Apart from casual interaction opportunities, social networks provide some great professional networking possibilities. Social networking allows you to connect with virtually anyone who has a presence online, thus making it easier for you to promote your competencies and get noticed by potential employers.