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Creative Ways to Find Freelance Work

Creative Ways to Find Freelance Work: Six Tested Approaches that Really Work

Is it easy to find freelance work? The initial motivation will produce an adrenaline rush that will make you feel sky is the limit. Once the euphoria wears off, however, you will find it a bit more challenging to get started. Most freelancers follow the same path and rely on websites like Odesk to discover clients. There is nothing wrong with the approach and Odesk can deliver amazing results. Relying on a single option, however, will be far from

Finding Freelance Work: How to Deal with “Difficult” Clients

Finding Freelance Work: How to Deal with “Difficult” Clients

Every freelancer dreads this client – they are never satisfied, they come up with new project specifications shortly before the deadline and they refuse to make a payment until all of their needs are addressed. Difficult clients tend to be a tremendous nightmare and an emotionally draining experience that is often not worth the effort. Many beginners in the world of freelancing who are eager to find freelance work will put up with such clients.