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The Seven Best Ways to Make Money Online without a Website

The Seven Best Ways to Make Money Online without a Website

Want to make money online but you have zero experience in the realm of building and maintaining a website? Don’t worry about it! It’s possible to make money online without a website, especially if you’re passionate about certain activities or topics. Online monetization is possible in many ways. Though having a blog or a website can be a lot of fun and give you an opportunity to earn some, you don’t have to enter the realm in order to generate some residual income

Online Passive Income Ideas for Beginners

Online Passive Income Ideas for Beginners

When teaching you about how to make money online, I have to put a bit of emphasis on passive income ideas. Passive income can be generated over the long term, which means you will continue reaping the benefits of the initial effort for months, even years to come. For a start, what does passive income mean? Passive income refers to an opportunity that generates money without you having to work on making it happen.

Amazon eBook Marketing Tips

Amazon eBook Marketing Tips and Tricks: How to Start Your Writing Career

As promised in my previous post about ebook writing, I will share some of the best tips and ideas for Amazon ebook marketing. Let us start with Amazon because the website provides beginners in the niche with some wonderful promotional tools. You can certainly try selling your ebook elsewhere but large platforms will give you access to the right kind of audience.

Learn How to Write an eBook

Learn How to Write an eBook: Is This a Good Money-Making Option?

Let us start with a minute for self-promotion: I just finished my first ebook and got it published a couple of weeks ago! I’m still so excited that I review my report about units sold on an hourly basis. In the beginning, it all sounded like a piece of cake but having the entire thing completed within a reasonable timeframe and sticking to some standard of quality tested my patience and my writing abilities.